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Should I get a Yugo SKS or a Kel Tec PLR-16/SU-16C?

I am looking into either a Yugoslavian SKS or a Kel Tec PLR-16 or the SU-16C (charlie model) and stuck. I will use it to hunt varmints, yotes, hogs, and deer and of course target shoot. So which one, I really like the SKS and 7.62x39 and to be acle to customize it more but like the compactness of the PLR-16 and the SU-16C so which would yall suggest?


DO NOT go by the Kel Tecs bein more "modern" i dont give a ratsass about that i just want the one that will outlive me and would be most effective for my needs

(all game seen and that will be used against will be within 250 yrds and wouldnt even consider takein anything longer)

Update 2:

Like the M59/66 with the GL and night sights

is Samco a good group or should i order from atlantic firearms


or buds


(the one from buds is the exact one lookin for)

Update 3:

figured it out, the M59/66A1 is the one lookin for (has GL and night sights)

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    The SKS has the more suitable round for hogs and deer, but it's heavy and has crappy sights. There is a lot of aftermarket stuff for sks' but the vast majority of it is crap....for example, everything Tapco sells. Also, the night sights you seem to be excited about are more than likely dead(mine were and everyone I've ever talked to about it has said theirs were dead too).

    The Su16 has better iron sights and will be easier to put an optic on. However, it doesn't have the barrel twist for the heavier bullets you'll want to use on deer.

    Neither are great choices for hunting but if i had to pick I'd say sks...it at least has a chance of doing everything you want to do.

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    Well, I wouldn't hunt deer with ANY .223, so that would rule out the Kel-Tec completely. An SKS is a decent gun, especially the Yugo, but with a couple of caveats:

    1) An SKS isn't generally a 250-yard rifle. Try about 150-200 yards in most cases. It is, however, much more effective as a deer or hog rifle.

    2) Yugoslav SKS rifles have one big problem- corroded and damaged gas valves. The gas cutoff switch that allowed grenades to be fired is often corroded enough that the rifle will not cycle correctly. That's due to a bunch of Yugoslav kids being thrown into service and being poorly-trained; they didn't clean their equipment very well. That was the case with my M59/66 SKS.

    Luckily, there are two "fixes" for that problem: a new gas valve or a home-made seal.

    The gas valve is the permanent fix, and it will usually be less than $30.


    The fix I used when I sold my rifle (and told the buyer about it), though, was to get some 20-gauge solid copper hookup wire from Radio Shack, strip the wire, and make a copper "o-ring" to go around the female end of the gas valve. The copper wire was about $7 for 60 feet of wire, so even if you lose one, you can make another. Much cheaper, and it caused my rifle, which had never fired semi-auto, to work like a dream. You may need a bigger or smaller gauge of wire, depending on how corroded the valve is, but you may also not need it at all.

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  • 8 years ago

    I would go for the SKS..

    www.samcoglobal.com has some btw


    www.tapco.com sells the mods your looking for

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