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Wouldn't have been funny if that uncharismatic American Randy Orton really fell down those stairs?

He probably did and forget how to walk a flight of steps like the rest of you lazy Americans and your precious elevators!

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    that would have been hilarious! i think it was Jericho that pushed him though, not just him falling

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    When I was a child my parents used to read me fairy tales before bed about mystical creatures like trolls. When I became an adult I stopped believing that such creatures existed. But you have proven me wrong. Trolls really do exist and you are one. Thank you for renewing my belief in the world of the fairy tales. Now, instead of insisting on coming on here and trying to be insulting and trying to pick fights with Americans why don't you go and get a job and a real life? Or maybe someday Randy Orton will pay you a visit and shove you down a flight of stairs and then we can all laugh about it, too. BTW, you are an American, so that makes you a hypocrite. Get some therapy.

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  • he did really fall + RKO is one of the most entertaining guys on the roster dumbass

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