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What's the most ferocious dog in the world?

I was looking up some dogs for a kid in school and saw the description but no photo of a dog breed created to guard the diamond mines in South Africa. It was mixed with wolf, doberman, Belgian Shepard, bloodhound, rottweiler and some other breeds. Any help will be appreciated please.


To clarify the question I want to know the breed and a website where I can look at the images.

Thank you.

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    Fila Brasileiro

    This is a big mastiff-like dog and it was bred in Brazil to help catch runaway slaves. Because of this, it readily bites any human other that the ones it is familiar with.

    It is the only dog that points are not deducted by the AKC if it bites or growls at a judge because this is the nature of the dog.

    They are generally judged without being handled by the judges.

  • Teresa
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    4 years ago

    Bit of a silly question - do you mean an individual dog? Because you can't name a breed as 'the most ferocious' - all animals are individuals, and it depends how they are brought up as to what they're like, just like us! You wouldn't name a race of humans 'the most ferocious' - or you'd get lynched! Should be the same with animals. The breeds all listed by other users are on the Dangerous Dogs List because they are more challenging to train and are therefore considered most likely to turn out ferocious because there are so many irresponsible/ignorant owners out there. Chalice

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    Dogs are not born aggressive. it is the human behind the dog that makes them what they are. However, there are powerful breeds, Pitt Bull, German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Dobermans, etc, but an idiot dog owner can turn any dog, any breed, aggressive. Sometimes, without proper knowledge, people create problems, and don't even realize their doing it. Absolutely, NO wolf hybrids, It takes a"truck full of knowledge", and then there is no guarantee that there won't be serious problems. In some states it is illegal to sell wolf pups, and wolf mixes.

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    To say that there are not breeds of dogs that are human aggressive are clearly uneducated.

    Filas, Dogo Aregentio and Preso Canario are just to name 3. They MUST be socialized not just as pups, but THROUGHOUT its life and even then, owners have to be ultra vigilent. The Dogo and Presa are constantly mistaken for "pit bulls".

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    The best known guard dog in South Africa is called a BoerBoel. The are great guard dogs, and look as scary as they are. You are asking the wrong question. A dog isn't "ferocious" by nature, it depends on how the dog is raised. Yes some breeds make better guard dogs than others, but even a Chihuahua can be raised as a guard dog. I have Yorkshire Terriers, and all but one of them couldn't hurt a fly. My one female Yorkie, Misty, is one of the most ferocious dogs you could meet, and she is 6lbs. You should not be looking for the most ferocious breed but instead be looking for all the qualities your friend wants in a dog that has guard dog potential. Then all you have to do is raise him or her the right way.


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    Any breed dog that has poor breeding qualities, is untrained and abused is the most ferocious dog.

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    8 years ago

    i just want to say there is nothing wrong with pitbulls. i cant stand how people say "pitbulls are bad dogs because they're a pitbull". it is not the dog its the owners or the people that the dog was around. if you get an inbred pit (most blues are) then yes u have a chance of having that dog "turn" on you. there isnt anything wrong with any kind of dog. just how it is raised and treated. so dont say that a doberman or a rotty or a pit is a bad dog until you have owned one!! ive owned many of them and my pit was the best dog ive ever had in my life. he was beaten to death by a guy who didnt like my dad. he was almost 7. my rotty was the sweetest thing in the world and same with my doberman. i have never once had a bad/mean dog and ive owned LOTS of animals.

    (from my fiance) yall are *******

  • graham
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    8 years ago

    that will be, the long nose short legged scaley backed water wippet, some pepole call them crocodile s

  • 8 years ago

    personally, i don't think it's the breed. I think it's all in how the owner raises their dog and how it is treated.

  • 8 years ago

    My Mum's Fox Terrier, mean little things they are, maybe not deadly, but agro!

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