Who wants to help me rap? about helium!?

I have to rap about helium, and answer these questions,

what does your atom look like?

how many of each subatomic particle are in a single atom?

what does your element look like in elemental form?

what are some common compounds it forms?

what are 3 physical and 3 chemical properties of your element?

what are 3 uses of your element?

what might you see it in everyday life?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Helium's gassy, but it has no smell

    Not like a fart

    Not like a skunk

    You can breathe it in and sound like a chipmunk.

    Helium is a gas that's nobel.

    So that's two electrons and they ain't mobile.

    Gotta say teacher, "this assignment's a foible."

    He He He.

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