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How do you spell Dir en Grey out in Kanji/Katana?

Ok so I'd like get a tattoo of Dir en Grey but in Japanese lettering. But idk if itd be better to get it in kanji or katana? Which one is better if there is a translation at all?

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    "Dir En Grey" can be transcribed into katakana as ディル・アン・グレイ (Diru an Gurei).

    To confirm this, if you search for ディル・アン・グレイ you'll find countless Dir en Grey-related sites:


    There's no official kanji applied to the name.

    You may want to note, however, even we Japanese prefer to write it in alphabet, rather than in katakana. This is true for other bands who have their names in alphabet as well, such as "L'Arc~en~Ciel" or "X JAPAN". Hardly anybody would write those names in katakana, save when giving the pronunciation.

    Source(s): I'm Japanese.
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    Dir En Grey Tattoos

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