Ladies I have a very serious question teenage guy with no clue!?

I am 16 and I want to know how I can become more appealing to attractive girls. All of the girls I find attractive want to only remain friends. I am a very light african american male and everyone thinks I am mixed but am really full black. I am kind of a big guy I am not super fat or anything just big. I just now started wearing glasses and like to wear designs in my hair when I dont grow out my natural curls. I have a chin strap and a mustache and am probably about 5'10 in height. I like to joke around and have fun but am also a sweet and romantic type of guy. I write and read alot mostly music, poetry, and i also write screenplays. I usually am always smiling or laughing at something. I like to talk and am very friendly. I solve a lot of my friends problems and people come to me with all kinds of issues. I dont know what I am doing wrong.

How do I get out of the friend zone? How do I flirt with girls that I like?

I am trying to find this out since I am one of the last few of all my friends that doesnt have a date to sadies and I have liked a lot of girls and am stuck in the friend zone with all of them. What can I do!! Please help.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Run your fingers through your hair

    Touch them gently on the arm/shoulder

    Give them a hug

    Tease them

    Complement their clothes

    Say, "It seems like forever since I last saw you"


    Offer them a blanket or coat if it's cold

    Offer to buy them a drink

    Lean toward them

    Be Positive


    Send them a text message

    Find them on Myspace or Facebook and add them

    Drop something and see if they pick it up

    Brush against them "accidentally"

    Flutter your eyelashes

    If it's a nice day, suggest you go outside to enjoy the sunshine

    If it's a cold day, suggest to go get hot chocolate

    Be yourself

    Tell them something about who you are; a secret hope, a silly fear...

    Ask them what shampoo they use

    Open the door for them

    Carry something heavy for them

    Complement them on jewelry they're wearing

    Ask what they like to do for fun

    Ask questions about their interests

    Invite them to go stargazing with you

    Send them flowers anonymously

    Give them your phone number or email address

    Tell them they have beautiful eyes or a beautiful smile

    Laugh at their jokes

    Tell them, "I bet you can't guess what I'm thinking..." then when they fail, tell them something flirty, like "you look great today", or "We should skip class and go to the beach".

    Let them catch you checking them out

    Touch yourself, maybe put your hair behind your ear, or adjust your clothing

    Whistle at them

    Say, "Is it hot in here, or is it just you?"


    Bite your lip and look down

    Give your full attention to the other person

    Make them a CD

    Invite them to a movie

    Invite them to watch a show or sporting event

    Dare them to do something

    Be competative -- "I bet I can beat you at racketball"

    Brush their hair out of their eyes

    Take them for a walk outside, and sit down in the grass.

    If you're sitting outside, offer to help her up.

    Let him notice you smelling him

    Tell her she smells great

    Ask them how their day was.

    Ask them if they're doing anything fun this weekend.

    Invite them to go with you and your friends someplace.

    Teach them how to do something

    Tell them you were thinking of them the other day.

    Lick your lips.

    Mirror their body language; if they talk slowly, talk slower; if they're leaning forward, lean forward toward them, too.

    Call them for no reason other than to say, "Hello".

    Suggest a book or movie you think they'd really like; they'll be impressed you are tuned into their tastes and are thinking of them.

    Stand up straight and don't slouch

    Say their name often

    Nod when they speak

    Ask them their opinion on something in the news.

    Leave a note someplace for them to find it

    Teach them a few dance moves

    Ask them what their favorite dessert is.

    Tell them you had a dream with them in it.

    Attend an event that they are in or want to go to.

    Offer them something you're eating -- gum or a piece of candy.

    Tell them you want their advice or input on an issue.

    Ask them what they would think if you asked them out.

    Make sure to tell them "good luck" if they are going someplace or doing something important-- taking a test, interviewing for a job, etc.

    Use a corny pickupline to make them laugh.

    Win them a prize.

    If they ask you a question, say, "Maybe I'll tell you... if you'll let me buy you lunch."

    If they looks sad, try to cheer them up.

    Poke them

    Ask if they need any help with what they're doing

    Hold their hand

    Tickle them

    Invite them over for a candlelight dinner

    Ask them what they are thinking, right now

    Ask them to sit next to you

    Tell them a secret

    Play a game with them

    Pay attention to their body language

    Be mysterious

    Make up a riddle for them to solve, with the prize being a date with you, a kiss, etc.

    Tell them a joke

    Cook something for them (cookies, or even a dinner).

    Dedicate a song to them on the radio

    Tell them, "I think I want to flirt with you"

    Invite them to go bike riding with you

    Say it's cold, and suggest you should scoot closer to avoid hypothermia

    Ask them what they want in a guy/girl

    Use sexually suggestive language in a context with something they're interested in (like, "So if you're into astronomy, you must have no problem staying up all night long")

    Tell them you enjoy their company

    Ask lightly, "Are you flirting with me?"

    Ask them what their name means; if they don't know, you can look it up

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