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can someone explain japan in code geass?

I know that Britannia invaded them but why? It seems like it was a hostile takeover because they are split in two between the elevens and britannians.. whats the story behind why they took over and how they got their names? why are the elevens so poor?

basically just explain the whole situation and why it happened ty

most details gets best answer..

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    In Code Geass Japan remained independent until 2010 which is when Britannia began to invade the country. Japan was the world's largest supplier of Sakuradite (extremely valuable and rare natural resource) producing a huge 70% of it. Because of this they were able to manipulate the three world superpowers being the Holy Britannian Empire, the Chinese Federation, and all the European countries (Britannia being the most powerful).

    Because they had so much of it nobody could invade Japan. If one superpower did the other two would retaliate. I don't really know the details or if they are ever stated but Japan more of less aligned its policies against Britannia to force negotiations between everyone and as a result Britannia decided to hell with it, and invaded them. Nobody attempted to intervene because Britannia was just so powerful. Japan wasn't part of any alliances, and nobody was about to step in front of Britannia and get steamrolled for them.

    Britannia obviously got a fast victory and afterwards they named Japan "Area 11" and its citizens "Elevens". No reason behind the name; most likely just an arbitrary number assigned to an area they obtained. Citizens were given a choice to join Britannia as "Honorary Britannians", and those who refused kept the title of "Elevens" and were basically forced to live in poverty and ghettos. It was basically just extreme segregation against the Japanese.

    Basically, politics suck.

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    right this is the factor, i'm no longer in all probability sturdy with summaries, so what I say won't be comprehensible. Code Geass is a pair of boy named Lelouch Lamperouge. He lives together with her sister (forgot her call). he's against his united states that's Britannia. He has an rather intense IQ which makes him extremely clever. He and his sister are area of the royal family contributors of Britannia. he's a prince, his actual call is Lelouch Vi Britannia. His mom died in a mysterious twist of destiny, and in a while, his father abandoned him. They have been despatched to Japan as hostages (i think of). one twelve months later, Japan became into invaded by making use of Britannia and the two siblings lost their living house returned. So in a while, Lelouch comes in the time of C.C., a girl who has an ability. She shared her ability with Lelouch. He used the flexibility called Geass to make a extra powerful district for he and his sister to stay a extra powerful existence in. to make confident that he can use Geass with out his identity being chanced on he turns into 0, the masked hero. The hero of Japan. So anyhow, the the remainder of the story is approximately his adventures and whaht happens as he tries to make a extra powerful existence to stay in along with his sister. Btw, his sister won't be able to see, no longer after witnessing her mom die in that mysterious twist of destiny..

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    Because it is an alterniate universe and taking over countries and war is a normal part of thier world history / culture. You need to remember that taking over counries for land or natural resource was normal part of our history too. Only in more moderen times is that concept a part of the past.

    The Britiannians renaming it Area 11 and calling the people 11s is a way to assert your control over the concored nation. It is a way to the thier identity from them and demean them. It is a common practice with counrties that take over other countries.

    The Elevens are poor because they discriminated against. The Elevens that submit to the Bratians can get higher statues and better jobs and Honorary Citizenship, but they have to have thier identities stripped from them. The elevens that choise not to are labled infferiorer and subject to discrimination. That discrimination ever goes as far as to force them into menial labor jobs. It is the same kind of thing that happened to black people before the civil rights movement.

    I hope this helps.

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