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Anonymous asked in Beauty & StyleHair · 8 years ago

How long to leave L'Oreal Feria on?

The hair dye. It says 25 minutes but the strand test I just did never changed color AT ALL. I have dark brown hair and I'm using #59. How long should I leave it on for?


I have a few highlights, but no over all hair color, currently

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  • 8 years ago
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    Well if your looking for that color on the box,(( hot toffee? I think)) that is lighter than what I classify dark brown as.

    I would suggest another test and leave it on for the longest amount it says to, if that doesn't work out you'll have to bleach your hair or get professional dye since developers are a huge help.

    I have dark brown hair naturally and most box mixes from the store will not work with my hair color, I need to use a developer.

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  • one
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    8 years ago

    Is your hair already colored Dark with another brand? If so, you may need to use a haircolor remover like Color Oops! before coloring. If not, you may need to leave the color on longer (45 Min. Max)

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