Kobo Touch eReader, and iPod Touch?

I already have an iPod Touch, and want to get the Kobo Touch eReader... Just wondering if it is worth it? Or stick to using Kobo App for iPod? If it helps, I read quite a bit, usually 150-250 pages a day of whatever book I am on.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Well, if you already have an iPad then decide on the following:

    1. Battery life - how important is it? It looks like you read a lot, but if your iPad battery lasts long enough, than this is not really a factor.

    2. Matte paper-like screen - if you read a lot in bright sunlight, or just prefer reading on e-ink, then Kobo might be more pleasant.

    3. Other factors are weight (kobo is significantly lighter, I own one and love to carry it around) and the fact that kobo's memory can be expanded with a micro SD card.

    If none of these matter, I would probably stick with the iPad. I primarily use my ereader for the first two factors. I charge my kobo once or twice a month and the battery last long enough to take it to long flights/trips. Plus reading is more eye-friendly, although it lacks back light.

    Hope this helps.

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