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How can I be like Zooey Deschanel?

My boyfriend thinks Zooey is the prettiest girl in the world. I feel like such a loser. She's so successful and sexy. What can I do to be like her or almost like her?

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    Don't! I'll tell you why, you know what us guys find so amazing about Zooey? It's that she has her own style, she doesn't follow any trends or pretend to be someone she's not. She's just herself and that's what people like myself, and most other men, your boyfriend included find so great about her.

    So trying to be almost exactly like someone else, i.e Zooey, wouldn't be cool or attractive, if you get what i'm trying to say...

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    lol so cute, im sure by saying that zooey deschanel is the prettiest girl in the world, your boyfriend is not saying that he doesnt think you're prety. And tho this may seem like a big deal to you, trust me its not important at all, theres no way to physically be exactly like zooey deschanel but if you want to 'look' like her all you have to do is, if you have black hair then thats perfect, if you dont and have blonde or brown or even red hair, then just dye it black and style it like hers, do your makeup like hers dress like her etc. but i would advise highly agaisnt this, if your boyfriend says he thinks zooey is pretty and then he comes to you and suddenly you look just like her it will make him remember when he said that and realize that u tried to look like her on purpose which will show him that you have low self esteem and did that cause u thought it would impress him. No guy wants a girl with self esteem, unless its a guy who only wants the girl for one thing. Be happy with the way you look zooey is definitely pretty but she isnt the prettiest girl in the world and im sure you are beautiful inside and out.

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    Well, in most of all her movies she has the 60's retro glam look ♥

    Shop at Urban Outfitters, Topshop, and Modcloth.

    Grow your hair out in one layer, and get some bangs♥

    Try watching '500 Days Of Summer' and 'New Girl' (:

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    9 years ago

    your very successful for your age, and im sure you are sexy too.

    much goes into making an acter/actress or model, those people dont act the way they do on cam when they are at home, they dress special for the parts and act certain ways according to the desires of whoever is paying them.

    you think justin beiber dresses the same way on cam as he does at home?

    you think he acts the same way on cam as he does at home? if so then they tricked you, same for any model.

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    i dont know what to tell you

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