DNA FINDINGS in autism?

james watsons research after 2005

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    I listened to a James Watson lecture in Russia. He appears confused and actually supports the debunked "refridgerator mother" theory of autism from the 1950's.

    Genes cannot cause a rise in any disease or disorder... environmental triggers have to be involved.

    April-2011 PMID 21522181 “However, despite the strong influence of genetic factors, association studies have yet to identify replicated major effect genes”

    July-2011 PMID 21727249 “Susceptibility to ASD has moderate genetic heritability & a substantial shared twin environmental component”

    Autism Genome Project (AGP) "The AGP is a large-scale research project to identify genetic factors underlying autism."

    The AGP has tied less than 5% of Autism Spectrum Disorders to Copy Number Variations (CNV). CNV are non-inherited spontaneous genetic deletions that occur at, or soon after, conception.

    "Autism Spectrum" & "Autism" are not synonymous. Autism Spectrum is a misnomer for a DSM-IV group of Pervasive Developmental Disorders (PDD). Autism is one of 5 categories of PDD in the American Psychiatric Association's DSM-IV.

    The AGP doesn't clearly identify which PDDs are associated with CNVs. "Autism Genome Project" is a misnomer. They confuse "autism" & "autism spectrum". Such basic & marked confusion in an important investigation is suspicious.

    The APA, FDA, CDC, WHO, HRSA & EVERY national or international agency cannot yet completely agree on whether or not this epidemic is happening or to what degree it is happening, & opinions vary about focusing on genes or environment.

    The AGP is over 7 years into its worldwide collaborative investigation, with the entire human genome mapped, & is unable to tie more than a random handful of "Autism Spectrum Disorders" to equally random non-inherited genetic deletions.

    Autism Heritability? Bah!! Humbug!!

    If we look at Merck's MMR package insert & the HRSA's Vaccine Injury Table we see 100s of injuries vaccines are known to cause to kids. Dozens of different types of neurological & immune injuries are linked to or directly caused by vaccines. Tripling our vaccine schedule from 1988-2011 & the concurrent rise of autism diagnoses from 3-4 per 10,000 children to 100 per 10,000 is a correlation that spites fraudulent epidemiological studies declaring no such temporal correlation exists.

    In 2008 the APA's February Conference on Autism & other PDDs mentioned regression 24 times stating regression was under-reported & known to occur frequently... "some prospective studies indicating a loss of skills is the rule...." & "In regressive autism, skills are lost in the 2nd year of life, while in 'early onset' autism, skills are lost in the 1st year"

    Regression is easily explained as a genetic predisposition triggered by an environmental insult. Regression is the focus of the 4th panel in the 2008 Conference & discussed in 2 of 3 conference breakout groups.

    Yet in the DSM-V final draft regression or regressive autism is not mentioned once! Nor is there any explanation of why such a dominant commonly observed symptom is now going to be completely ignored when the DSM-V is published in 2013.

    Autism Heritability is a deflection and distraction. Autism genetic predisposition with environmental insult as a trigger is believable, proposed in the 2008 APA conference and a place where we should be starting our investigations.

    Dr Andrew Wakefield called for proper clinical studies of the autism vaccine connection in 1998 and the late Dr Bernadine Healy called for them in 2008. 100s of other doctors, medical & other professionals also call for a proper investigation of the vaccine/autism correlation.

    Dr Healy said in a 2008 CBS News interview "Vaccines may cause autism" & "It's inexcusable that the proper studies have not been done". Dr Healy is a former NIH Director, Johns Hopkins Professor of Medicine, Cleveland Clinic Chair of the Research Institute.

    Dr Wakefield was a world renowned gastroenterologist whose infamous (but valid) 1998 paper admits studied a too-small & biased sample of children to draw any valid conclusions. But based on that research & much more, Dr Wakefield also called for large clinical studies to support or refute his findings & his professional opinion that increasing vaccines caused most of autism's rise since 1988.

    Heritability/genetic predisposition cannot cause an epidemic rise in any disease or disorder. It is something that should be studied AFTER we find the triggers responsible for our autism epidemic and AFTER we ensure that vaccines, if found to be one of the triggers, are made safe or the susceptible children identified BEFORE they are injected.

    Source(s): 2011 study lamenting progress in a gene/autism connection - http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21522%E2%80%A6 2011 Autism Twin Heritability vs Environment study - http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21727%E2%80%A6 Autism Genome Project - http://www.autismgenome.org/ Merck's MMR package insert - http://www.merck.com/product/usa/pi_circ%E2%80%A6 Vaccine Injury Table - http://www.hrsa.gov/vaccinecompensation/%E2%80%A6 2008 APA February Conference on Autism and other Pervasive Developmental Disorders - http://www.dsm5.org/Research/Pages/Autis%E2%80%A6 Study showing 83 of 1000 children compensated for vaccine-caused brain damage became autistic - http://lsr.nellco.org/nyu_plltwp/286/
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    the main present day information I examine is that there isn't any connection between vaccinations and autism. My young ones have the two been vaccinated with out issues. I ffeel it truly is well worth conserving my young ones from the effects of the illnesses we vaccinate against for the miniscule threat of something from the vaccination. all of it comes right down to non-public decision inspite of the undeniable fact that! i think of the relationship between getting the vaccinations and being clinically determined with autism is largely a twist of fate. people have been vaccinated for years with out this variety of extensive prevalence of autism and the vaccinations are safer now than they have been "returned interior the day". i think of there is another rationalization for the upward thrust in autism, in all probability all the preservatives we are ingesting! by making use of how, the vaccinations play a huge area in making the immune equipment extra suitable. sturdy success!

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