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Double stroller and double travel system?

Does anyone know of a place that sells double travel system strollers? I am having 2 girls and would like to have the car seats connect to the stroller but I can only find singles that are really cute.

The ONE double travel system I found is in a dull blue and comes with ONE car seat....weird..

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    Look at the Baby Jogger City Select series - it's what we use for our twins: You just buy adapters for the brand of car seat you get for your baby and the car seats pop right in there. There are so many configurations in which you can face the babies, too! We found it more useful to have the double stroller going the long way (as opposed to side by side) because the side by side ones take up so much room and don't seem to fit through many doorways.

    Also, I wouldn't recommend the car seats that go from birth - 80 lbs (especially for twins) because I don't think they are too portable, nor would they work for the Baby Jogger strollers.

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    Have you check out Britax B Ready features? It's a multifunction stroller. You can attach both car seats to the frame.

    Here's the review

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    invest in car seats that grow with the children -from birth to 80 pounds. visit the local ambulance service or fire department to compare your list of affordable seats to the ones that are safest. they will help with installation, too. buy any stroller that fits your needs & budget best.

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    i dont know how much you are wanting to spend but you may be better off just getting a snap n go frame and getting your carseats separate, but here is one:

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  • Have you tried Amazon?

    There's some nice ones on there.

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