Anyone know who sing's Brodus Clay's new theme song? (BQs)?

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Just wondering who sings this guy's theme song!

BQ: Who are your two top main eventers on WWE 12?

BQ 2: What's your favorite WWE theme song?
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Jim Johnsten


Smackdown - Drew Mcintyre , John Cena , Edge , Brock Lesnar (No Others)

Raw - Stone Cold , Dolph Ziggler , The Miz , (No Others)

BQ2: Dolph Ziggler - Here To Show The World

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  • Jesse Aaron answered 2 years ago
    Jim Johnston ( he is not the singer , he's just a composer )
    BQ : Daniel Bryan and Sheamus
    BQ 2 : Burn In My Light
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  • Momber Fan answered 2 years ago
    His mama!
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  • Pook S 20-0 answered 2 years ago
    I don't know who sings it but it isn't Jim Johnston, he's just the producer who produces those songs.

    BQ: I don't have WWE12 but if I did it would be Wade Barrett and Kane.
    BQ2: Taker's theme, it might be a bit bland but his music is always good to listen too.
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  • I'm a good little John answered 2 years ago
    Jim Johnston

    BQ1: CM Punk + Sheamus

    BQ2: Evan Bourne theme - Born To Win
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  • Legend of Januzaj answered 2 years ago
    jim johnston

    BQ: cm punk and tripleh
    BQ2: christians or dolph zigglers (both current)
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  • Slayer answered 2 years ago
    Jim Johnston sing's "Sombody call my mama".

    BQ1:CM Punk,Dolph Ziggler,and The Rock.

    BQ2:I would say Cult of Personality.
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  • Zach answered 2 years ago
    Jim Johnston

    BQ1: CM Punk and Sheamus

    BQ2: CM Punk - Cult Of Personality
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  • Jim Johnson
    BQ:Undertaker and Created Superstar
    BQ2:John Cena old theme
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  • Enigmatic Charisma answered 2 years ago
    Brodus's theme is by Jim Johnston.

    BQ: I've never played the game, unfortunately.

    BQ2: Wade Barrett - End of Days!
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  • Jim Johnston sings "Somebody Call my Momma". (Brodus Clay's Song). I love the song, I think it is hilarious.

    BQ - Cody Rhodes and Wade Barrett, because that is who I always use in my matches. Usually I make them beat up Cena in main event matches.

    BQ2 - My favorite WWE theme song of all time it "Burn in my Light" by Mercy Drive which was Randy Orton's old theme. My favorite WWE Theme song currently is "Broken Dreams" by Shaman's Harvest which is Drew McIntyre's theme.
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  • ⓃЄχυs answered 2 years ago
    Jim (Jimmy) Johnston sings it

    BQ: Somebody Call My Momma, is the name

    BQ2: Cody Rhodes current theme, or Nexus's theme


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