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Russian dominance in Hockey?

Russian hockey.

At a point, 98.6% of active players playing in the NHL were Canadian. As time goes on, we've seen less and less Canadian influence. And what nation is taking advantage? Russia. Did you know that Russian players average an impressive .545 point per game ratio? Canada? .475. Canada has more than 25x the influence in the NHL right now, but less than 20x the scoring. And I don't know about you, but when I think about the top 3 players in modern hockey? Two are Russians. Discipline is another solid stat of Russia. Canadian players average 00:58 of PIM/GP. Russia? 00:40. It may not seem like a huge difference, but that's also lower than the US and is amongst the lowest for nations that have put out more than 100 players. But Russians aren't just dominant in the NHL. For the past two U20 World Juniors, the Russians have eliminated the Canadians. They even have more medals! And they have more golds if you include the unofficial tournaments. On an Olympic stage, Russia/USSR has accumulated 11 gold medals, the same as the Canadians. At the Olympic games? Russia has more medals.

Russia is a mere 2% of today's NHL. But I bet you can name a few off the top of your head. Yeah. That's Russian dominance. Have nice day.

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Oh, right. I guess I should throw in some questions too.

1: Favorite Soviet player ever?

2: Favorite current Soviet player?

3: If you were a player, what would it take for you to play in the KHL? Would you be an easy sign or not?

4: Aside from the two juggernaut nations (CAN&USA) who's output of players is your favorite?

Oh, right. Throwing this out there. Liv hates gays, Kay hates Canada, and the Blackhawks can't win when I need them to. Just sayin'. I hope the non-twitterers don't still feel excluded. Really, this isn't any grouping off that you all weren't apart of. We're all still contributing and I play no favorites. And I believe I'm still asking Hockey questions.


And to quote WingsOfRedemption: Why the **** you stream that ****?

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    Very Interesting read. It's pretty Impressive, I must say myself.

    1. Thats tough....there were 5 on my team that contributed to the Wings Success. But, I liked Larionov's style of play. (Plus who would have thought he would start the Wings/Avs Brawl with Forsberg???)

    2. Of Course, Pavel Datsyuk

    3. Depends how far I was getting into the NHL. If I seriously needed the money, and if I loved the game and could still play, but nobody wanted to sign me, sure....why not get paid for doing something you love?

    4. Sweden....if I choose otherwise I feel like I'm going against the Red Wings!

    Hey now....I love Canada. I think you know that though...I hope you do at least! lol And I agree with everything else you said.

    Source(s): Red Wings Fan :o)
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    NHLers have only been allowed to compete in the Olympics since 1998, and since then Russia has won 0 gold medals.

    The U20 the best eligible Canadians are playing in the NHL.

    Of todays scoring leaders, how many of them have suffered concussions? Of those who have been concussed, how many have been Russian? Luck, or style of play?

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    1)Alex Kovalev


    3)If I was good enough to play in the NHL, I wouldn't play in the KHL for ANY amount.

    4)Gotta love the Swedes.

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    Totally Kesler should be more like the Russains!

    Source(s): Quack Attack
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  • A-Kub
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    9 years ago

    In the words of luongocanucks fan: How long did it take you to type this garbage?

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