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Would you rate these random songs?

These are part of my play list for today, sit back enjoy rate or do what ever you do. Have fun.

1.Lord Sutch ...Gutty Guitar

2.Bonfire - Bang Down the Door

3.your daughter is one robin johnson y trini alvarado

4.Man - My Name Is Jesus Smith

5.Pirana - Here It Comes Again

6.Jeff St. John - Teach Me How To Fly

7.Suck - I'll Be Creepin'

8.Hellbenders - Hurricane

9.ZEPHYR (Tommy Bolin) - Somebody Listen

10.Rumplestiltskin - Make Me Make You

take care



Antonio thanks for your answer

take care


Update 2:

Thank you Lord Frieza, I always love your imput, I'm glad I pleased your taste today, tomorrow may be a little different one never knows, what mood I'll be in that day thanks for your answer

take care


Update 3:

thanks again for your imput Mike and thanks for the answer.

take care


Update 4:

Thank you Amy, for your answer, I did not know theis was your New Years, well have New Years to you.

take care


5 Answers

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    9 years ago
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    Let's see what I can do for you... *slack off on chair & enjoys himself*

    ** GUYS THIS IS A GOOD ONE!!! give it a whirl :P

    1.Lord Sutch - 8/10. OK that's kinda gritty, even crunchy. The vocals are manly that's cool, Love that UK car I'm a sucker for the Union Jack, an impressive piece of tapestry indeed. I enjoyed it.

    2. Bonfire - Bang Down the Door - 10/10 boy OH BOY you rock hard today :D German always make quality metal. They were around for quiet some time and it shows. It's very different from what I listen to... old school feel is soooo refreshing. Thanks a lot!!! Only you have those obscure old bands to recommend me :D

    3. your daughter is one robin johnson y trini alvarado - 10/10 YAY!!! Groovy. I'm getting exciting with your choiced today. That female noodling was eerily catchy... but what the HELL is thee woman rumbling about? she should go back to the kitchen... ohmahGAWD

    4. Man - My Name Is Jesus Smith - 8/10 some Punk ruffling his guitar for the entire song, then another moron does the same on Piano, a crazy mofo sings like a cracked bird and lo and behold!!! A masterpiece is born :D

    5. Pirana - Here It Comes Again - 10/10 new spazzy waves of ecstasy, some cool Keyboard swirls and cymbal drums. Raspy vocals yeah this is a good one, even reminds me of some Sigh stuff. Very interesting indeed.

    6. Jeff St. John - Teach Me How To Fly - 9/10. Well, I prefer Pink Floyd for that one but these guys tried pretty hard. some cool vocal harmonys and what I really like is the energy. These guys really wanna rock your boat and it shows. Nice!

    7. Suck - I'll Be Creepin' - 7/10 - they should really learn how to do them drum intros but the bass is very crunchy but I found his vocals slightly annoying... he practically shouts and it stands in a scorching contro to the heavy rhythm section. Cool solo but I felt the leads were totally disconnected to the drums who were disconnected with the bass, brought the song down.

    8. Hellbenders - Hurricane - 9/10pounding drum intro but not any better then the previous song, they should know how to build them well. Still the raw energy wins me over in an instant, I just love heavy music... great stoner Rock. I love it :D

    9. ZEPHYR (Tommy Bolin) - 8/10 now THAT'S how you build an intro. Bluesy... nifty... really natty as well just need some more power.

    10. Rumplestiltskin - Make Me Make You - 8/10. really good. I think it gives the blues based Rock style some ******** which makes it much less boring... I prefer it heavier. But I gotta say it makes me think how amazingly GREAT were Sabbath, Led Zep and Purple. These guys are not anywhere near though being contemporaries.

    Source(s): As you can see I REALLY enjoyed your list. Pretty heavy today which I like and I think in sheer quality one of your most solid lists. Quiet a few gems too. Very enjoyable to your Metal listeners thank you :D
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    9 years ago

    Hi David.

    Please forgive any typos. I just finished my new year dinner and a had a wine or to :))))))))))

    1.Lord Sutch ...Gutty Guitar: 8/10.

    That was great.

    2.Bonfire - Bang Down the Door: 7/10.

    I did like it, and it was also a fun listen to as well.

    3.your daughter is one robin johnson y trini alvarado: 7.5.

    I really liked it, bit the narrative at the start was offensive. Lol.

    4.Man - My Name Is Jesus Smith: 6/10.

    Missed the spot.

    5.Pirana - Here It Comes Again: 6/10.

    Musically not bad, but didn't enjoy the vocals for the most part.

    6.Jeff St. John - Teach Me How To Fly: 7.5/10.

    It;s a goodl isten.

    7.Suck - I'll Be Creepin': 7/10.

    Omg. what a name for a band ans the title matchec. haha. Song was good though. "Take all yer things and go far away yeah"! interesting lyrics.

    8.Hellbenders - Hurricane: 8/10.

    Yes! MAybe a bit loud for me normally but i did enjoy this at now.

    9.ZEPHYR (Tommy Bolin) - Somebody Listen: 9.10,

    Oh yeah., tirn it right up!

    10.Rumplestiltskin - Make Me Make You: 9/10.

    This is awesome music.

    Thanks David.

  • 1 - Lord Sutch - I haven't heard these guys in decades - A great old 70's band - 8/10

    2 - Bonfire - 80's Glam Metal - this is a surprise. LOL - Well I happen to like 80's Glam Metal - 7/10

    3 - Robin Johnson - I loved the guitar but the vocals didn't do anything for me - I give it a 4/10 because of the good guitar work.

    4 - Man - I have always liked Man - basic music but Clean guitar lines and catchy lyrics. 7/10.

    5 - Piranha - The band that moderen Progressive metal emulates - They were way ahead of their time. 7/10.

    6 - Jeff St John - Man this takes me back to early in my senior year of High School - I had forgotten about this guy- Thanks for the memories - 6/10.

    7 - Suck - well these guys don't suck - Good old fashioned Blues Rock with really good guitar work. 8/10.

    8 - Hellbenders - Not my favorite song by them but it is still a good Hard Rock/ Metal song. 8/10

    9 - Tommy Bolin - will usually get high marks from me - I loe his guitar work - 10/10

    10 - Rumbelstiltskin - Hey it's Blues Rock so you know I am going to like it it at least a little - This is very good 8/10

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Hi David. 1.Skyhooks - Horror Movie 7.5/10. A really good band to include, but far from their best. Unfortunately the singer has passed away, bu the bassist Red Simons is quite the comedian. His judging work on Red Faces was legendary :) 2.Rose Tattoo - Rock 'n' Roll Outlaw 9/10. David, I am loving these bands so far :) The singer Angry is very well respected for his charity work and help of disadvantaged children here in Australia. 3.The Flock~Store Bought Store Thought 8/10. Never heard that before. It's really good music. 4.Cat Mother and the All Night Newsboys Good Old Rock N Roll: 9/10. Love that. Full of really good energy. 5."What Of I" -- Wilkinson Tri-Cycle: 7.5/10. Interesting song. I do like the female backing, and the quieter parts of the song particularly. 6.Panama Limited Jug Band Railroad: 7.5/10 Interesting. Does anyone still do jug do you think? 7.Blodwyn Pig: See my way: 8.5/10. It's a blast! 8.Omen - Battle Cry: 7/10. Had the toes going, but a little too loud for my tastes. 9.Black Sheep - Encouraging Words: 9/10. Ooh yeah, that's nice. 10.Third Rail - From a parachute: 7/10. I did enjoy it. I can imagine the feeling of gradually returning to earth i that time, yet I was ununspired by the focus word parachute. That's just me :) Definately some new and interesting songs and bands here to go and explore. Thanks David.

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    9 years ago


    I like the funkier ones.

    Some were more headbangin' & lacked soul.

    Only one of my speakers works, until I get new ones,...

    I'm missing out on half the songs.

    The second song doesn't belong,..this Bonfire joint, belongs in a cheesy late 80's early 90's movie.

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