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I am writing a research paper about Auschwitz, one of the many death camps of the Holocaust. I am a sophomore in high school and wanted to know if I could title the paper "Auschwitz: Hell on Earth". Do you think it would be appropriate to use the word "hell" in the title of my paper? Or should I go with a different title that I know will be appropriate?

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    How did the Holocaust story originate?

    a)The Holocaust story of German extermination of the Jews originated during the war. The charge of gassingsof Jews in concentration camps was leveled by the Zionist and Jewish organizations appear around 1942 andwere picked up and given lip service by the American and British governments at about the same time.

    Some Zionists were looking to leverage the British into opening Palestine up to more Jewish immigrants. By pleading a refuge in Palestine was needed due to the crisis of Nazi Germany's mass murder of the Jews, these groups hoped to embarrass the British to life immigration restrictions and to pressure the U.S. government to use its influence to get Great Britain to make the changes to its policies regarding the Jews and Palestine they desired.

    Other Jewish organizations wished to stop the Germans who were deporting entire Jewish communities east.

    Many of these deportations were taking place under inhumane circumstances. Various plans were floated topurchase groups of Jews from the Nazi regime to get them out of Europe or to terminate the deportations and though the Nazis appear to have been willing to negotiate, none of them were implemented. The Soviets also began accusing the Germans of murdering civilians soon after the mass graves containing the bodies of executed Polish Army officers were discovered in the forests near Katyn by the German Army.

    Stalin accused the Germans of the Katyn forest massacre as well. Katyn was one of the crimes for which Germans were prosecuted after the war. The Russians finally admitted responsibility for that crime only a few years ago. As a propaganda story among many meant to discredit the Axis war effort and overshadow Soviet atrocities, the genocide charge took on a similar role during the IMT and NMT war crimes trials and the post war de- Nazification programs. The point to it was and is to discredit the NS regime and place it beyond the political pale.

    The Holocaust became the paradigm which demonstrated the evil of the Nazi regime and therefore

    justified the amount of destruction inflicted on Europe to defeat it. The evil of Germany revealed in the

    Holocaust became the reason Germany and Europe remained divided for so long and why the United States needed to become western Europe's guardian. Since Europe could not be trusted to protect itself after the defeat of Nazism from the new menace of Russian Communism which had recently swallowed eastern Europe, the United States had an excuse to remain engaged in European politics and retard Germany's political and economic recovery.

    As an indication the status quo established by World War Two is still in place, recent commemorations of the Nuremberg trials have lionized them as a dispensation of justice rather than repudiating them for the show-trials they were.

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    It is since of the best way the Jews have been slaughtered. Holocaust comes variety the Greek phrase holokaustus, because of this to burn or devour by means of hearth. Those others slaughters didn't make use of the method of fireplace as did the Nazis.

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