Marine Corps Officer commission questions?

If I attend a federal service academy (USMMA), what will I have to do to gain a commission as an officer in the USMC? Will I still have to do a OCS type thing, or will my training in the academy cover all of that? Just curious, as I know I will be very busy at the academy. Thanks in advance for the answers guys!

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    Usmma Mids who plan to commission as Marine 2nd Lieutenants attend "Bulldog", the six week Ocs course Nrotc Mids attend, the summer after junior year. All Marine Officers have to post a 280 minimum Marine PFT prior to commissioning.

    From the Military Options page that used to be available on the public Usmma site....

    All midshipmen who join the Marine Corps Option Program at USMMA will be required to participate and successfully complete one six week session of Bulldog, which is a variant of OCS held in Quantico, VA. The midshipmen who attend Bulldog will be trained in the following areas:

    * Weapons

    * General Military Subjects

    * Tactics

    * Day and Night Land Navigation

    * Physical Fitness

    * Combat Condition Course

    * Circuit Course

    * Obstacle Course

    * Endurance Course

    * Stamina Course

    * Drill

    * Leadership

    Following successful completion of Bulldog, the midshipman will be commissioned as a 2nd Lt. in the Marine Corps upon graduation from the Academy.

    After commissioning, training begins at The Basic School (TBS), Quantico, VA. TBS is a twenty-six week program designed to prepare newly commissioned second lieutenants for service in the Fleet Marine Forces (FMF). Instruction covers a broad range of topics, though it's primary focus is on infantry, and leadership. Officers, other than Aviation guarantees, will choose their desired Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) while at TBS. Following TBS, officers will attend a formal MOS school for training in their assigned MOS. The location and length of each school varies.

    Following MOS training, officers will join a Fleet Marine Force (FMF) unit. Occasionally, officers will join a FMF unit prior to formal MOS training. The United States Marine Corps offers a diverse number of military occupational specialties (MOS) for unrestricted line officers, ranging from infantry to aviation. Most MOS programs are open to USMMA graduates to include the Flight program which is now open to women. The exception for women is the ground Combat specialties.


    The Marine Option Program here at Kings Point is a unique commissioning source for the Marine Corps. Although there is an opportunity for Midshipmen to receive a commission in the Marine Corps at graduation there is no guarantee that a midshipmen will be accepted into the Marine Option program, solely on the merit that he or she is enrolled at the academy. It is important that anyone interested in becoming a Marine Officer understands the intent and purpose of the program at Kings Point. It is the Marine Corps intent to put only the finest men and women into the Corps, whether this equates to one person in the graduating class or ten. Numbers are not important. The quality and leadership ability of the individual are what count.

    Kings Point offers the Marine Corps an opportunity to have leaders enter the Corps with a different perspective. Midshipmen entering the Corps will bring a distinct understanding of Merchant shipping, the strategic importance that the Merchant vessels and mariners have to this nation's economic sovereignty, and the strategic lift that merchant ships provided for the US armed forces. This is most visible in the current Maritime Preposition Ships (MPS) and in the Ready Reserve Fleet. The Marine Options have an opportunity to meet many prerequisites for graduation from Kings Point by tailoring those prerequisites to develop their knowledge and understanding of the Marine Corps.

    Sea year is a perfect example of the distinctive opportunities that enhances the special background of a student that is entering the Marine Corps from this Academy. The students must have 300 days at sea to qualify for their licenses. By coordinating with the Academies Training Representatives the Marine Options have been able to spend a portion of their sea year aboard Maritime Preposition Shipping. The midshipmen are fortunate to learn first hand about this important asset in the Marine Corps. There are occasions when the Marine Options will work with Marines during their time on the MPS. During the sea year there is also an opportunity for the Marine Options to spend a portion of their time on Navy Amphibious Ships. Once again they have a first hand opportunity to learn about amphibious operations before entering the Corps. Both of these sea experiences have proven highly successful. The USMMA is a source of outstanding officers to the USMC and is a special commissioning source for the Corps. Not by the numbers of officers commissioned, but by the quality, special attributes and skills these young men and women bring to the Corps.

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    If you're already in a federal service academy, then they can answer your question better than anyone on Yahoo (duh). If you aren't in an academy yet, then concentrate on that first. The Marine Corps doesn't take stupid people, so concentrate on your studies first.

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