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Dalglish threatens players with axe?

Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish has threatened some of his players with a swift exit from the club if they persist with the poor attitude which contributed to a 3-1 defeat at Bolton.

For the first time since returning as Reds boss just over a year ago, the Scot publicly criticised his squad. He said: "There is no one at this football club who doesn't have respect for other people.

"If that was what the problem was, if they thought this game was not as important as the next one, then fine - but they won't be here."

Dalglish believes they were distracted by Wednesday's forthcoming Carling Cup semi-final second leg against Manchester City, which they go into holding a slender 1-0 lead, and the FA Cup fourth round tie at home to Manchester United next weekend.

He added: "The result is disappointing but the most disappointing thing for me was I don't think they were ready to play the game. I don't think the approach was correct, I don't think the way we went about our work was correct.

"The foundations the football club have always been built on is respect for other people. It is built on the philosophy that the next game is the most important one, not the one that is two or three down the line.

"If they needed a lesson to be taught to them then this was it. If they think they can just turn up and get a result and not be competitive and not match the opposition for effort and then they have had a lesson."

Lay it into those overpaid lazy b45tards King Kenny.

My - he doesn't half remind us all of who he is in the game and what club hes managing and I admire him for setting down these bedrock rules of the club that allowed great sides of the past be so successful. Its time a manager came along and DID QUESTION the fecking approach and attitude of our squad players - Houllier, Rafa never did. No doubt in my mind he'll get the club back into shape as a formidable title contender in the years to follow. The way hes going about business already shows how fecking serious he is about rigourous discipline and correct attitude.

Your thoughts on King Kenny's comments folk ?

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    Its the Managers job to drum this into players before games not after.

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    Totally agree with him. You'd see a big difference if the amount players were paid depended on their performance. Nothing worse than seeing professional players (not only at LFC) poncing around the pitch and not putting in the effort, in the knowledge that they will still be paid their huge wages.

    I have every confidence that Dalglish will get it right. At least he has pride in the club and is not only in it for the money.

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    In the 80's threatning some one by the axe would make them scream and beg silently, now they would just go somewhere else happily. They would still get there millions now and will probably not be affected in the slighthest.

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    Mid-table mediocrity with delusions of grandeur based on events over 20 years ago. You've finally arrived.

    And "king" Kenny is the perfect Captain of the ship steering you into sh*t creek. He's an absolute clanger of a manager who's tactics are still stuck in the 80's, along with his dress sense and hair style.

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  • The only "overpaid lazy b45tard" at Liverpool is the (fake) King Kenny.

    It is completely his fault that players like Downing and Henderson are at Liverpool.

    The players are giving their best. Unfortunately their best is just "average". And who shelled out millions on these average players?

    Think again!

  • I agree, we are fed up.

    We need wins, we need goals, we need to get back in the top 4.

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    8 years ago

    He didn't have to criticise them openly. He should rightly be angry with yesterday's performance, no doubt, but I think he had it coming.

  • 8 years ago


    Fall from grace

    Beginning of the end

    YAWN sinking ship

    Which of these will best describe Liverpool and it's future?

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    i heard carroll doesnt even want to play anyway

  • 8 years ago

    'distracted by the Carling [Mickey Mouse] Cup semifinal' - my my times have changed.....

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