hoping to visit G.fathers grave ARRAS near LILLE FRANCE but would like some tips how to proceed?

have booked bed& breakfast .would like to obtain euros to cover evening meal and spare amount for any extras.Train booked to ARRAS staying ,24 to 28 March and taking poppy wreath for grave.Is it best to obtain euros before travel.Would appreciate any guidance.

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  • 9 years ago
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    The fact that you are taking a poppy wreath leads me to believe that you are British and not flying from the USA before taking your train, so no airport.

    Yes, it is a very good idea to take some Euros in advance. The 24th is a Saturday and some banks are open, but other than restaurants and cafés that are open all day, or bakeries and some flower shops in the morning , everything is closed on Sundays. Both banks and shops are closed Monday a.m. You B and B will not ask for settlement till you leave as presumably you have had to pay a deposit, but you will need some ready cash for meals and odds and ends. You do not say where your grand-father's grave actually is, and if it is outside Arras, you may have to take a taxi to get there. Public transport to war graves is thin on the ground, even to a huge cemetery like Notre-Dame de Lorette, particularly at this time of the year.

    At the moment in the UK the best rate of exchange is from a Post Office. Depending on where you live some have the currency over the counter, others get it for you and you can collect your Euros two days later. Banks charge for exchanging money but if you are a customer of Nationwide, they do not charge for taking money out from a cash machine on the continent or using your debit card for purchases in France.

    You should enjoy Arras. Besides the awesome main squares, the town has undergone a renaissance in recent years and is a pleasant destination. There also are some nice restaurants that serve good food .

    Safe journey!

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  • Cabal
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    9 years ago

    I agree with Zafir, better have some currency in advance; finding ATM is not that difficult but the bank charges are usually fierce when you use them, local charges, plus exchange charges, plus outside your bank network charges, plus foreign transaction charges.... And you need an international credit card, Mastercard, Visa, Amex or other

    Use ATM only if you want to get a big amount at once

    As a rough low estimate if you only eat a sandwich at noon (you're only talking about evening meal) count 50 Euros a day including meal, taxi to hotel, extra and travel to the graves, you should try to find the price for this last

    One last point, you know where the graves are? If you are going to the memorial of Arras you have 2600 graves and a memorial wall with 35000 names.

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  • zafir
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    9 years ago

    It's a good idea to get some Euros before you travel. That way you can easily buy a coffee at the airport, or a meal in Arras on arrival, or pay for a taxi if required, and do it without worrying about where to find the nearest ATM.

    You can either buy Euros before leaving home, from your bank, post office, or a currency exchange office such as Travelex, or get them at the airport. There will generally be a commission to buy any foreign currency.

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    ARRAS is quite a way from lille ..i took tgv from paris to lille ..40 euros ..from lille to arras 3 euros .at lille station had to change trains .and station ...so decided to take taxi ..86 euros later i was at arras ..to be honest there is not a lot to see and do without transport ..hope the weather is good ..i have home in france ..south ..i pass arras on my way to paris ...about 6 or 7 times a year .buy my euros on line from post office ..they do not charge any fees ..bought a load last week ..got 1.18 for £1 ..check prices on telly ..cefax ..buy before you go ..now is a good time ..todays rate 1.16 £1

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  • 9 years ago

    When I travel: minimum of currency of the country I am visiting for any emergency, before leaving, then use the local banks as needed... I always use my credit card...

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