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need kitties names (boy orange, and girl black)?

just adopted two 8 week old kitties from craigslist. they didnt have names and so trying to come up with cute ones for them. brother and sister, both long hair, orange boy with white highlights on face; black girl with blue eyes (very strikeing). boy is very adventerous, and lovey dovey. girl is more reserved, scaredy, and shy. they dont do anything without the other right there its cute; they even go to the potty together. lol

please help me come up with names for them; would love names that go with their color, but also match and sound good together.

thanks so much


just saw name oliver for orange boy (from oliver & company) but need a name that goes with it for the girl kitty. also not for sure on oliver. any ideas would help


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    Male(orange): rusty,gizmo, Ash, Toffee, Garfield, Ginger ,Gumby, Fluffy \

    Girl (black): Girl(black): moonshadow,Blossom, Blaine, Moonlight, Panther, Charcoal, Ciaria, raven,Dusk,midnight, melanie, notte, oscuro,shadow,sooty,sucki


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    Anino is the Finnish word for Shadow...

    I think using Google translate is a good way to find unique names using boring ideas!

  • 9 years ago

    For the girl Shadow and for the boy Bear

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Cici, misty, mr.kitty, Annie, princess, star, Molly,

    If you want you can lo at a baby name book fir more suggestions! It works ;)

    Source(s): I have two cats one named mr.kitypty and the other cici. I love those names., ;)
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  • 9 years ago

    nemo and ebony :)


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