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What is Leukemia ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

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    Leukemia, in a nutshell, is a cancer of the blood. It's very horrible, many people die from it. Cancer is a disease in which your cells are abnormal and there is something wrong with them or their growth, or you have a tumor from rapid cell growth. Cancer is very serious and there are a lot of types. Probably the most common is breast cancer. I suggest you google leukemia because it really is worth knowing more about. It's such a sad disease that will take the life of anyone of any age.. Bless the hearts of everyone who has it.. :c

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    Cancer of the lymphatic system AND the circulatory system (blood) It's prime target are the white blood cells. The white blood cells, normally in bone marrow, turns on the body when they are outnumbering blood cells which CAUSES a cancer. Can be found in adults and kids but mostly heard in kids. Can be acute or serious.

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    a very common childhood cancer. i had it when i was two. cancer of the blood.

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