A couple of questions for my novel!!?

I am writing a novel and I need a title. Its about a vampire named Sky. She is next in line to be queen.

But she doesn't want to be queen so her and her boyfriend runaway. Sky is a very different girl then most vampires in her kingdom, Sky is the thoughest girl. She is a sassy girl but kind and soft for love. Sky's powers are to burn someones soul with one touch and to be an excellent sowrd master . She often makes many mistakes with trusting people.

Her boyfriend Josh is hated by Sky's father and many vampire warriors. He will do anything to keep Sky safe. Josh was a warrior till ashamed for his love to Sky, Even though he was the top warrior. His powers include being a sord master and seeing the future, He is often masters and people may see evil in eyes but deep down its just anger from the loss of his mother and hate toward Sky's father.

Here is my questions.

What should my title be?

What shoul Sky's last name be?

What should be Josh's last name ?

Any other charcters to fit in to make it better like brothers are sisters?

Is this any good at all?

10 points to best answer!!

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  • 9 years ago
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    1. Seven Burning Moons

    2. Anora

    3. Haven

    4. A sister for Sky maybe. Completely opposite of her, maybe sibling rivalry theme

    5. Yes! Especially with how the vampire thing is booming right now in popularity. Just make sure you edit for grammar and spelling, or hire an editor, and you'll be fine!

  • 9 years ago

    1. The sword master.

    Safe in the sky.

    Evil in your eyes.







    Sky could possibly have a dead twin brother.

    Josh could possibly have an older sister and two youngers.

    Its not bad.

    Hope i helped;)

  • 9 years ago

    I Can Tell This Is A Good Novel.

    1. -Open Sky-One Touch Of Life?

    2.- Reed-Lexington?

    3. Q'son-Vincent?

    4. Sky should have a cousin whom she is jealous of Sky Of What she has.

    (Don't Change your plot it's good all ready)

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