Who sings in the Simple Plan songs such as?

I'm just a kid

Time to say goodbye

The end

Thank you


And others. It sounds like I'd Do Anything with mark hoppus but I thought he Only did one song


Are you sure its Pierre? He sounds so different in I Can Wait Forever. Or is THAT not him? And I thought Pierre was more muscular, in the music videos the one singing is really skinny.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Yes, Pierre Bouvier does all the lead vocals in Simple Plan. The back vocals are provided by Sebastien Lefebvre and David Desrosiers from Simple Plan.

    They also have a few special guests on some of the songs. Although it's none of those you've named. As you know, Mark Hoppus sings on a part of I'd Do Anything. Joel Madden (Good Charlotte) has a part on You Don't Mean Anything. And then of course the many colabs on Get Your Heart On!: Natasha Bedingfield and Marie-Mai on Jet Lag, K'Naan on Summer Paradise, Alex Gaskarth (All Time Low) on Freaking Me Out, Rivers Cuomo (Weezer) on Can't Keep My Hands Off You.

    He may sound a bit different on each album, but that's just progress: I mean on the first record he was really almost a kid, so it may sound very different from what you hear on the third album (e.g. I Can Wait Forever).

    Source(s): My experience as a fan for 7 years... And as a leader of SimplePlan.cz http://www.simpleplan.cz/en
  • I love Simple Plan! The lead vocalist is Pierre Bouvier

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