Could I get advice about erasing 750GB primary HDD to use for storage & installing 160GB HDD for O.S. Only?

I have an HP a6554 desktop. It came with a 750GB hard drive which I would like to erase/delete as completely as possible and use it as external video storage. Do I simply "delete" everything or should I totally eradicate the contents?

I also have a 160 GB HDD installed which I store my photos on. I would like to also erase/delete the contents on this drive, and install my Windows 7 Professional operating system on it, making it my primary drive. I don't care about privacy issues concerning the content since I am not selling the computer. I just want as much free space as possible on the larger HDD.



The reason for going through all of this is so I can use the 750 as a "safe" storage drive in an external enclosure. These are all components that I already have and I if I do this, I will not have to spend money on an external drive.

I have the 160 installed an working well. I also have the 750 mounted inside my Rosewill external HDD case and am now waiting for all my updates to finish before I plug it in and see what happens.

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  • kenny
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    9 years ago
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    Reformat them, erasing the contents doesn't get rid of hidden files.

  • 9 years ago

    Don't erase the 750 until you get the 160 booting.

    But I don't see much point in going through all this.

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  • mcveay
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    4 years ago

    surely no. basically plug on your new hardpersistent and make it a slavepersistent and your waiting to pass. did you recognize a thanks to set a hdd as a slave or draw close? basically look on the jumper pin on the again of yourpersistent and also you may ensure it out. yet i assistance that you format your HDDs sparkling and set up a sparkling OS on the 80GB HD and not in any respect on the 40GB.. and in the experience that your going to attempt this then you somewhat might want to make your 80GB HD because the widespread and the 40GB because the slave...

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    buy the program called acrontis. and copy the harddrive to your new one then delete the old sorce.

    that way your old harddrive is clean and you lose nothing.

    Acrontis is avaible on iso. burn to a cd.

    make sure both harddrives are plugged in then boot from the acriotis cd.

    fallow instructions on screen :)

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