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What does Spybot Search and Destroy detect?

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    Spybot will search for, detect and eliminate common spyware and viruses. If used manually (no automatic, always running spybot "protection") it makes for a great combination together with an antivirus running. It might even detect unwanted programs that the AV misses.

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    Don't run two anti viruses at the same time.

    Just stick with good maintenance and stick with one decent anti virus program.

    Maintaining your computer

    1. Left click on C drive> properties/run windows disc cleaner

    2. Download Ccleaner from here:

    3. Install Ccleaner and run the cleaner top left, then run the registry cleaner below it on the left. you don’t need to backup the registry

    4. Left click on C drive> properties>Tools> check now/disc scanner or in the case of Vista it’s called something else > tick both boxes > start, Prompt the scanner to scan upon next reboot and REBOOT COMPUTER)

    #(Prepare to wait up to an hour)#

    5. After Disk scan/Disk check has finished run windows Disc Cleaner again, Ccleaner again and registry cleaner again.


    Additional options:

    Free Microsoft Essentials Anti-virus

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    That'd be the only selection i will think of of, reformatting Your no longer ordinary force. an epidemic that deletes anti-virus application makes it very no longer ordinary to do away with. in the journey that your virus has a rootkit, reformatting would particularly be your purely selection, because of the fact the concepts-set of surely removing a rootkit would no longer be properly well worth the difficulty. yet whilst and once you do do a reformat, you would be able to additionally desire to get the two Kaspersky Anti-virus or Processguard (I desire Processguard, in spite of the undeniable fact that it is not for each individual). something would be unfastened, yet You get what You pay for.

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