Chemistry Help? What is the best online tutor services that won't scam?

I am in college in have a differcult time with chemistry.I need someone available 24/7. Any other students have online success?

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  • 8 years ago
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    If you want to learn a subject like Chemistry then there are many resources you can use

    If you are attending a school then you can speak to someone at your school to see if they have any tutoring support or resources such as tutors, study groups, instructional materials, educational software and etc. that could help you to learn and understand the subject a lot better

    You can look in your local telephone book under a section like "tutoring" to see if you can hire a good tutor.

    You can contact the Department of Education or some other government agency to see if they have any information for free classes and tutoring and etc.

    You can stop by a local store, business and etc. and ask them for advice and information

    Also you can use a search engine like to find many free tutorials, forums, videos and other information

    For example if you use the search engine like and you type in "Chemistry tutorial" or “Chemistry note” or "Chemistry forum" or "Chemistry tutoring" then you will find many tutorials, notes, forums and tutors for learning Chemistry

    Some of these online tutors are free and most online forums are free so you can ask them for any advice and information

    Chemistry forum

    How balance chemistry equation

    Free tutoring

    A website you might find to be helpful is SparkNotes which has good study guides for various subjects, tests and etc.


    Cramster has various homework help for various textbooks and other subjects:

    There are answer engines such as that will solve almost any math or science problem and has information for almost any subject or topic


    YouTube has videos for learning almost any subject or topic


    Khanacademy has many free tutorials for Chemistry and other subjects on YouTube

    Good luck and I hope this will help

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    8 years ago

    It takes time to find a tutor you like whether you search via an online company or by contacting tutors directly. Some online companies give you a dedicated tutor while others give you whoever is available at a given time. I would suggest you go with tutors or companies that give out free trials.

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