how can i send my audition e mail to yg jyp cube pledis and so on ?

hey guys,so i want to do an auditioning per e mail to any korean Entertainment but i don't now their e mail addresses and is it same for each country because i live in germany ?? i would really appreciate it if you could list the e mail addresses you know or would give me some information where i can find them :D

thank you and i appreciate all answers :)

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  • 9 years ago
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    You can find information on YG and auditions for YG here -

    The email for JYP -

    Information on online auditions for JYP -

    Email for Cube -

    Website for online auditions for Cube - (It's in Korean, and I'm not Korean, so I can't help you with translations)

    Translation for the Cube online auditions form -

    Email for Pledis -

    Online auditions for Pledis - (no translation)

    More information on online auditions for Pledis -

    And that's pretty much it... :D

    Source(s): Soompi, and lots of Google.
  • 4 years ago

    howdy :) No! it somewhat is a proper age! infinite trainees advise to audition on the an prolonged time 13-18. a million) No, it relatively is no longer significant in case you have braces! 2) Yeah, it relatively is no longer significant! no longer infinite singers are all tall! For an occasion: SNSD (women' era), Taeyeon, Sunny, they are the two no longer the tallest human beings x] 3) Nope! in case you spotted, infinite singers located on settlement lenses and each so frequently glasses. 4)Yeah, as quickly as you're into R&B/Hip-Hop/Rap, YG is proper for you. YG in spite of the actuality it extremely is relatively no longer person-friendly to get in; they seem at your skills like no longer person-friendly-center haha. yet as quickly as you prepare, i'm particular you're in a position to do it! only think of of roughly each and every organization organization and audition to the situation which you think of of is powerful for you :) 5)beneficial. yet be certain your image isn't photoshopped (do no longer replace the lighting fixtures fixtures, colo, etc. they gained't accep it), it additionally can not be like sticker photos. only save that for the time of innovations :) stable luck!

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