Did Michelle McCool & layla made the divas divison awesome? but ever since Michelle retired & layla out right?

Ever since Michelle McCool retired & layla out right because she torn her acl & mcl & we don't know when she's going come back! is it me or have divas divison got bad ever since laycool not their anymore? i mean they wrote story lines & help other divas get title shot for ex:Natayla. I mean Divas of Doom vs Models was good storyline,every good till the mild septmeber Now all Natayla & Beth dose is job 24/7. Beth don't job when it comes to ppv,The wwe is making Natayla a joke.We don't get anymore divas champions on monday night raw or smackdown. When was last time we had divas Battle royal to be #1 Contender for divas champion..Isn't stephanie fault? i mean can she better i mean at least give divas more tv time. & No it's kelly kelly,Alicia fox,eve torres,the bellas twins & more divas fault.. it's stephanie fault right? she's the boss the wwe writers!


I never say eve couldn't wrestler.. if eve couldn't wrestle then why the freak she's on my yahoo anwers profile picture,i say it's wasn't eve torres,kelly kelly alicia fox & more divas fault.. i say it's was stephanie fault the one who the boss of writes for the wwe divas.. She give divas less tv time.. So please read careful next time. By the way i think eve torres is hella of wrestler..

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    Based on what's transpired these past 5 years, and now looking back at it from today's standpoint I'd definitely say LayCool were an interesting duo that made the WWE's Diva Division far more interesting that it's currently position in. I was actually enjoying their reign as the faces of the WWE Divas division from Late 2009 to Early 2011.

    Team Laycool were definitely great Divas that knew how to make storylines, matches, and feuds in the WWE's Diva division interesting and entertaining. Their roles playing both the WWE Womens & Divas Championship played a big factor in the betterment of their careers.

    Both Michelle McCool and Layla have arguably been the most dominant WWE Divas in the WWE these past two years. LayCool were definitely a duo that sparked the division up a bit these past 2 years, it's a shame they broke up earlier last year. The Division desprately need Divas that could actually work in the ring, and Michelle McCool and Layla were that.

  • Not even close. The Divas Division is like a place full of Barbie Dolls. If you want to know a better division, it was definitely the Women's Division. We had Lita, Trish Stratus, Victoria, Madusa, Stacy Keibler, Torrie Wilson, Jacqueline, etc. Now we have Kelly Kelly and Eve ruining the division by always being in the top. Michelle McCool and Layla were trying to rebuild the division, but they failed miserably and now the division is now flunked once again.

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    Laycool DID make the divison more interesting and funny and they could actually wrestle! And I agree with you.....I wouldn't mind seeing, once AJ returns, Kaitlyn finally turn her back on AJ and join DOD or something like that, and btw Beth makes a boring champion, at least give Nikki Bella a title run!

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  • 8 years ago

    I agree. They were a great team even though they held a singles title.

  • 8 years ago

    Nah Laycool segments were painful to watch. Piggie James?

    Women's division has sucked for many many years.

  • 8 years ago

    I agree with the user ♥The best in the world♥ Team WS.

  • One point you are wrong on, Eve can actually wrestle and actually has more of an ability.

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  • Hell no they didn't.They were nothing more than Barbie Dolls with nasty attitudes.

    The "Diva" division will never be as awesome as the Women's division was.

  • 8 years ago

    nice rant

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