Fans of jazz fusion/avant-prog, what do you think of..?

..the band French TV?

Do not be mistaken! By no means is French TV a French-speaking band. I believe they are completely instrumental - even so, they are from the United States of America!

They've released a grand total of 10 albums, including one album, since their debut in 1984 - their latest being released in 2010, entitled "I Forgive You for My Unhappiness". Their titles are pretty fun, and since they're mainly instrumental they can name them whatever the hell they want, really.

So.. if you enjoy funky jazz-rock/fusion like Frank Zappa (but perhaps a little less weird an innovative than him), surely you will enjoy some French TV. Let's see. They're a bit boring for me, but others may get a huge kick out of them. [Entertainment wise, not laughter!]

French TV - "Joosan Lost / The Fate"

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French TV - "The Secret Life of Walter Riddle"

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French TV - "Colorless Green Ideas Sleep Furiously"

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MQ: Opinion of French TV?

MQ2: Rate each song, if you gave them a listen.

MQ3: Favorite jazz fusion album?

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    Ok..i have one album from these guys..and from the reviews that i got, i assumed that this was their best (maybe it was a biased assumption bcz the year in which this album got released; i consider that to be 'THE' year that defined modern progressive music!)

    anyway..this album is The Violence of Amateurs (1999)..i think this is ...nothing short...of A Masterpiece!

    Love the album cover...and the album is one of the most enjoyable and funny avant grade albums I've ever listened to.. You realize immediately that the bassist and the musicians he gathered love prog rock... but instead of taking it completely seriously.. they show an incredible amount of humour.. Although the mix of styles is at times really adventurous bringing a bit of Mr. Bungle (whose music I usually don't enjoy that much btw) into one's mind... the degree of oddity and weirdness never reaches an unbearable level..They remind me a bit of the 70s prog band magma..

    MA2 :

    Joosan Lost/The Fate is a cover song taken from Swedish band Zamla Mammas Manna but perfectly adapted to their typical style and they made an epic out of it! This one starts with a funny tango-alike sound that segues slowly into a lengthy part filled with a fiercely performed accumulation of all kind of free form music with spacey sounds before it returns to the initial theme *phew* ..defintely an album highlight!

    The Secret Life Of Walter Riddle starts with an oddly whistled marsh and continues with an awesome mix of jazz and hardrock having some strange sounds in between like barking and yowling...Then some encore after the question "Are you ready for more music?"..Cool stuff..

    The third video i cant see,,youtube's blocked :-/

    MA3 :

    man... :@


    "Hart Genossen - Von ABBA bis ZAPPA" by Panzerballett! Go Jazz Metal! \m/

  • MQ - Walter Riddle wasn't bad but the other two aren't my style. I would have to hear more to make a final judgement of the group though.

    MQ2 - Joosan ..... 3/10

    Riddle ....... 6/10

    Colorless ..... 4/10

    MQ3 - I really haven't listened to Jazz Fusion since the days of Blood Sweat and Tears and they were a Jazz Band that played rock.

  • 9 years ago

    MQ: They're good, but my favorite jazz fusion/avant-prog is Foster the People

    MQ2: Sorry, I don't have that kind of time

    I'd rate the band a 7/10

    MQ3: Mahavishnu Orchestra - Birds of Fire

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