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New Songs For My New Lifestyle?

I am a 14 year old teenage girl. I recently had a conversation with a friend about music and it's many influences. It made me realize that some of my music selection was a little bit...well...brain washing. I am known for being very musically diverse, and although I am African American, I do listen to a variety of screamo (such as Asking Alexandria) all the way to rap music (like Lil Wayne). But I realized that the more negative the music, the more negative my mood is for the rest of the day, or maybe even the week...I would like to get some suggestions for artists/songs of uplifting, and maybe upbeat music.

People I listen to:

Corrinne Bailey Rae

Tracy Chapman


Norah Jones

John Mayer

Mark Nathanson

Missy Higgins

Fleetwood Mac

The Glee Cast

Alanis Morisette



Sarah Bareilles

Linkin Park

Annie Lennox


Lizz Wright

Colbie Calliat

Sheryl Crow





Phil Collins

Imogen Heap

Ingrid Michaelson

Maroon 5

Owl City

Panic! At the Disco


Puddle of Mudd

Robin Thicke

30 Seconds To Mars

The Fray

The Script


3 Doors Down

3 Answers

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    life is sweet - natalie merchant

    Youtube thumbnail

    sleeping satellite - tasmin archer

    Youtube thumbnail


    do you realize? - flaming lips

    ordinary miracle - sarah maclachlan

    you gotta be - des'ree

    across the universe; the inner light; tomorrow never knows; dear prudence; blackbird; all you need is love - beatles

    everyday people - sly and the family stone

    peace train - 10,000 maniacs

    wind beneath my wings; from a distance - bette midler

    greatest love of all - whitney houston (george benson cover)

    hero - mariah carey

    beautiful - christina aguilera

    the middle - jimmy eat world

    what a wonderful world - louis armstrong

    i've got a name - jim croce

    you are everything - REM

    hawkmoon 269; pride - U2

    he ain't heavy, he's my brother - hollies

    she's only happy in the sun - ben harper

    simple song - lyle lovett

    imagine - john lennon

    mercy me; what's going on - marvin gaye

    wildflowers - tom petty

    hold on - wilson phillips

    today - smashing pumpkins (let the sarcasm slide ...)

    are you gonna go my way? - lenny kravitz

    stars - weepies

    no one lives forever - oingo boingo

    winning - santana

    be good to yourself - journey

    keep yourself alive - queen

    love - sundays

    winter - tori amos

    at seventeen - janis ian

    closer to fine; hammer and nail - indigo girls

    the weakness in me - joan armatrading

    destiny - zero 7

    slow down - morcheeba

    closer - joshua radin

    bizarre love triangle; open up your heart and let the sunshine in - frente

    i can see clearly now - johnny nash

    flesh failures/let the sunshine in - Hair (original broadway cast)

    memory - barbara streisand (or cast from Cats)

    here comes the sun; in my life - beatles

    such great heights; resurrection fern; die - iron and wine

    video - india arie

    time after time - eva cassidy (or original by cyndi lauper)

    fragile - sting

    heart of the matter - don henley

    forevermore - katie herzig

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  • 8 years ago

    I understand what you're saying about the mood music puts you in ( after reading your question, I realized I actually listen to a lot of depressing music XD )

    I think the sad fact of many kinds of music is that while some of it is really uplifting, its not actually quality music. But here's some suggestions:

    Walls - All Time Low

    Favorite Fix, Broke but not Broken - Artist Vs. Poet

    anything off of the Punk Goes Pop albums

    Set the World on Fire, Rebel Love Song, Saviour, Fallen Angels - Black Veil Brides

    Bounce, This City Is Contagious, Take My Hand - The Cab

    Northern Lights - Cider Sky

    I Will Survive, Love 4 Fun, Escape - Enrique Iglesias ( these are really cool, because their nothing like the hits he has out now XD their uplifting and stuff but...well, nicer than his new stuff )

    City of Sin, Zombie Dance - Escape the Fate

    I Don't Care, Thanks for the Memories - Fall Out Boy

    Happily Ever After, I Wouldn't Mind, Prove You Wrong - He Is We

    Man in the Mirror, Survivor/I Will Survive, Go Your Own Way, Songbird, Telephone - Glee Cast

    This is just a tidbit, but these songs really put me in an excited/happy/rebellious ( << aka fun ) mood ^w^ Hope some of them work for you!

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  • axtman
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    candy Southern convenience - pal Jewel music of the South - Alabama relating to the South - Rodney Atkins Kiss my united states @SS - Rhett Adkins chicken Fried - Zac Brown Band They call me united states - Jayme Johnson We Rode In automobiles - Luke Bryan Im from the rustic - Tracy Byrd united states girls and boys gettin down on the farm - Tim McGraw John Deere eco-friendly - Joe Diffy dogs huntin guy - David Cooler united states to the bone - David Cooler She's united states - Jason Aldean thats all i can think of of suited now

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