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Any magic mushroom trip information?

Two of my friends and I are planning a mush trip tonight. I just wanted to know if there was any way to avoid a bad trip.


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    It is alot of fun!

    I do mushrooms frequently, at least once a month.

    I just did some on friday night with my girlfriend, my friend Mitch, and my sister. Mixed with marijuana and Iridium (2C-E), alot of fun, very visual, tons of laughter

    If you have never done it before... do not eat more than one eighth. I recommend between 2.5 and 3.5 grams (3.5g = 1/8 oz). Mushrooms vary quite a bit in potency, even in the same batch. 1 g of dried Psilocybe Cubensis (common shrooms) can contain anywhere between 2 and 12 mg of Psilocybin, and between .4 and 5 mg of Psilocin. Psilocybin threshold dosage is about 10 mg, most trips are about 22 mg, and the average potency of mushrooms is about 7 mg of Psilocybin and 1 mg of Psilocin per gram of dried material.

    By the way, you will begin to feel them in as little as 10 minutes, but on a full stomach, it can take up to an hour to start to hit. Once you start to feel them, it will be about 30 - 45 minutes before you reach the peak. The peak lasts about 3 - 4 and a half hours, and the come down lasts about an hour and a half. You'll feel still kind of strange for a few hours afterward, but you'll be tired and you'll probably just go to sleep. There is no hang over, or at worst, you might feel sluggish for a few hours after you get up.

    Go into it in a good mood. Make sure you are somewhere comfortable and quiet where nothing unusual is going to happen, like for example, do not do it in public, or at a friend's house who has alot of people coming and going. Make sure it is a friendly, comfortable, relaxing environment with no surprises, and try to get some good music. I can recommend Stoner Rock (Sons of Otis, Monster Magnet, Clutch) or Trance (Infected Mushroom, 1200 Micrograms, Astrix), but Rock, Grunge, Metal, Rap, and Techno are good too. Also have an incense with a warm scent, like vanilla, and one with a nature scent, like patchouli. It makes you feel more relaxed and at peace with nature.

    Do not do it if you are stressed out, mad, or anxious. that's the main thing that causes a bad trip. Also if you are up-tight and cannot relax... you have to be able to let it do what it does, let go of control, put down your guard, and release inhibition. If you are the type of people who cannot do that, then you should not do shrooms.

    Anyway, enjoy.

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    I recommend you DON'T eat magic mushrooms.

    But, if you insist, please heed these warnings:

    ~ It will take from 1 to 2 hours for you to feel the effects. Do not take more because you think it's not working!!

    ~ Also, most people will feel sick to their stomach after 20 minutes to an hour. You may throw up. This is normal, and it will pass.

    ~ Don't freak out. If you are scared and paranoid, it is more likely you will not have a pleasant "trip."

    Again, I want to stress that you really shouldn't take any drugs at all, but if you do, you should make sure you are around people that you would trust with your life. Because it may come to that. Just saying...

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    Stay comfortable don't have any worry or doubts when you take them. Make sure you're someone safe and comfortable for about 8 hours. Any sort of drama or problems can make your trip go bad. I would suggest roaming the woods or doing something with nature. Don't take them with anything you like to eat because it will ruin the food for you. If your having a bad day, do not take them. It's all about the mind set.

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    Its called a poison mushroom trip. Nobody knows how it will be, who knows what your metabolism is, how poisonous the mushroom is, or what. I do know that one of the guys from my high school ate some and never was the same again. He stares at the walls and his mentality has been extremely damaged. He will end up in a nursing home when his parents die. So, hey...good luck!

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    GO FOR IT!

    start somewhere comfortable.

    have things ready before you start



    calm funny movie

    music (something calming, bob marley is good)

    bikes (incase you want to go somewhere)

    a warm jacket (for all kinds of weather)


    first trip i would recommend doing 1-2grams just to get the feel for it.

    1 gram and you will feel euphoric and stoned (things will look cool, no halluciations)

    2 grams things will start to move. you might get paranoid

    when you take them, expect to have a funny feeling in your stomach. it takes an hour to kick in.

    when your high on shrooms if you get paranoid keep telling yourself that you injested this drug and you are now feeling the effects of it, which will where off in about 4hours.

    every shroom trip is different. no single one is the same.

    bikes are amazing on shrooms haha.

    there are risk such as you going into a schizophrenia state. but i did them knowing them and came out fine and enlightened. enjoy cautiously

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    get travel insurance

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    Yea, don't take one.

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