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clare asked in HealthMental Health · 8 years ago

Is Seroquel for Bipolar?

My daughter started taking Seroquel a couple of months ago. She is 13 years old. She has suffered from some sort of mental illness from the time she was 2 years old. She's never been abused.

I tried to avoid medication, but recently realized I don't have a choice. She first threatened suicide when she was 4 years old and tried to run into ongoing traffic.

It's been many years of turmoil. I tried her on antidepressants a few times, but they never worked. She has extreme melt downs that consist of screaming, crying, throwing things, harming herself and others.

I was afraid to put her on psychotropic drugs when she was too young. She was miserable and I was exhausted. We've tried counseling for years. Anyway, she's still in counseling and is now taking Seroquel XR. For the first time in 13 years my daughter is stable and has become the perfect child. I'm amazed at the difference. No melt downs and no suicide talk since the 3rd day of the medication.

Does this mean she has bipolar? he med information states thats what this medication is for.

Does this mean she'll more than likely have to be on medication the rest of her life?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Yes, she may need medication the rest of her life but then again kids often grow out of this sort of thing. I agree with everything Lizzie said but will add that in some cases Seroquel causes weight gain. If that becomes a problem there are several other similar medicines that don't have as much weight gain effect. However at this point Seroquel is usually the most effective medicine. The Eli Lilly company is working on approval for a new one that works like seroquel and has no weight gain effect. It will probably be available in 2014. Good luck with this.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    It is not restricted to bipolar disorder, but that is one of the conditions treated by such a drug. She would appear to have some kind of psychological issue, but only a psychologist would be able to label it accurately.

    At such a young age, there is a good chance she will overcome whatever disorder she has, and eventually come off medication. Seroquel is not intended for lifetime use (it can have serious side effects with prolonged usage). Once she has a handle on her condition (and it sounds as if the first steps are there) she may be able to switch to a different drug or lower the dosage and ultimately be drug free.

    "SEROQUEL XR is a once-daily tablet approved in adults for (1) add-on treatment to an antidepressant for patients with major depressive disorder (MDD) who did not have an adequate response to antidepressant therapy; (2) acute depressive episodes in bipolar disorder; (3) acute manic or mixed episodes in bipolar disorder alone or with lithium or divalproex; (4) long-term treatment of bipolar disorder with lithium or divalproex; and (5) schizophrenia"

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Seroquel is used for many things.... from Bipolar to Schizophrenia to insomnia. Why don;t you ask your doctor what she has... that sounds liek a better idea than asking a bunch of strangers on the internet.

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