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experience class - Canada , this is so professional!!?

to get a TEMPORARY work permit under the Canadian work experience class, they say that i should have more than 2 years of work experience!! the question is .... Those 2 years,, must be in Canada or not?

please note: I'm not asking about temporary resident condition!


I'm outside Canada!!

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    You've got it all backwards.

    It's for foreign students in Canada and foreign workers in Canada.

    Only people who came to Canada on Study Permits or Work Permits can apply for it.

    Many foreigners who come here as students or workers never want to go home again.

    After experiencing life in Canada, they want to stay here.

    Canadian Experience Class is so those people can get Permanent Resident Status here.

    I suggest you go to the Canadian government's website and learn the details correctly:

    Link -

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    It doesn't matter where, only that you have them. The whole intent is you have skills and experience that Canada finds it needs or has a shortage in. So implicit is you are likely to have that experience from someplace else.

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