How much will it really cost consumers to use more "alternative" "green" "renawable" energy?

I live in Maine, and the govment is squabbling over whether to make renewable energy a larger part of the states portfolio of energy sources. Our "governor" Lepage and his cronies want to protect us against higher costs, the other side insist that it will save us money. Neither side will come out and give numbers supporting the arguement, I havent even seen any fake off the wall numbers in the so called newspapers like the bangor daily news.

I want to know two things, one is how much will this actually cost or save me, and two why dont they report on these things and tell me. If they mandate 10% more wind and it will cost the average consumer 5 bucks a month for the first year, and then save 2 dollars a month for the rest of time, then why dont they tell me that. Or why doesnt lepage come and say that it will cost everyone in maine 100 dollars a kilowatt hour forever. Why dont the papers actually follow up on things like these?


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Update 2:

ha, ive seen wind turbines out west, and eyesore isnt my opinion of them, the cell phone towers they have on every hill top in maine on the other hand.....

Update 3:

bb., saying things like that is what Im talking about, for one thing the "back up" arguement is only if there is bad planning and a serious problem with lack of capacity, and you still dont give any actual numbers about expense. We stop subsidizing gas prices to the tune of 5-10 bucks a gallon, it would be expensive too.

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    You need to think long-term when it comes to renewable energy. It's not just about you and other people alive today. Short-term costs are a distraction. Energy and money are two different things, the former being physical and the latter being a man-made construct to compensate for time and labor. People often abstract everything down to money and forget what's really making life possible.

    Look up "Peak Oil" and EROEI to see why fossil fuels can't be banked on indefinitely. U.S. oil production peaked in 1970 at 10 mbpd (about half our current consumption rate). That peak included offshore drilling, Alaska, and shale oil. There is no magic savior and alternatives are badly needed.

    Having stated that, I'm aware of plans to expand eyesore wind turbines all over Maine's scenic ridges, which doesn't seem very "green" in the larger scheme of things. The human population is too large for simple answers to energy questions. Rural areas in Maine and elsewhere seem slated for sacrifice to distant energy needs.

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    Both wind and solar are extremely expensive. Wind power requires back-up energy...usually fossil fuel powered.... for those frequent times when wind turbines are unable to operate. Bottom line is much higher cost and more pollution.

    greppeldel..... where are you getting the '5 or 10 bucks a gallon subsidy' number? (someone is feeding you a load of crap)

    Search on the DOE website for energy subsidies and you will find that oil, natural gas and coal on a per MWH unit are dirt cheap in terms of taxpayer subsidies, than wind or solar.

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