What are your favorite rap songs?

I am writing a paper on hip hop songs and I need to know some of your favorite rap songs so I can write about different songs that people enjoy...let me know yours and why and you will get 10 points real quick!

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    8 years ago
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    check me list ( my favorite hip hop musics )

    509 - E = oitavo anjo

    286 = aciona as peças ( nova )

    50 cent = hustler ambition

    50 cent = many man

    50 cent = window shopper

    50 cent = straight hte bank

    50 cent = mean mug

    50 cent e akon = still kill

    50 cent e nate dogg = 21 questions

    50 cent e ne-yo = baby by me

    akon e eminem = smack that

    ao cubo = o homem chora

    a familia = castelo de madeira

    bone thugs n harmony = crossroad

    bone thugs n harmony = thuggish ribbish bone

    bone thugs n harmony e Eazy-e = foe tha love of money

    bone thugs n harmony e tupac = thug luv

    bone thugs n harmony e biggie = notorius thug

    coolio = gangsta paradise

    chamilionaire e krayzie bone = ridin dirti

    compton most wanted = hood took me under

    compton most wanted = this is compton

    dmx = party up

    dmx = lord give me a sign

    dexter e mano brow = eu sou função

    dr dre e snoop = still dre

    dr dre e snoop = next episode

    emicida = triunfo

    eminem = lose yourself

    eminem = beautiful

    eminem = i not afraid

    eminem = mockinbird

    eminem = whem in gone

    eminem = like toy soldiers

    eminem = sing for the moment

    eminem e g-unit = dont push me

    eminem e lil wayne = drop the world

    eminem e lil wayne = no love

    Eazy-e = real compton city g

    Eazy-e = boys n the hood

    Eazy-e = its on

    Eazy-e = how we do remix

    expressao ativa = na dor de uma lagrima

    faccao central = castelo triste

    faccao central = estrada da dor

    faccao central = desculpa mae

    faccao central = abismo das almas perdidas

    fat joe = lean back

    huey = pop lock and drop it

    ice cube = it was a good day

    ice cube = no vaseline

    ice cube e snoop = go to church

    ja rule = wonderful

    ja rule e fat joe = new york

    n.w.a = straight outta compton

    n.w.a = 100 miles and runnin

    n.w.a = real ******

    n.w.a = fhuck tha police

    nelly = grillz

    nelly = just a dream

    nelly = my place

    nelly = n day say

    ndee naldinho = essa é a lei

    ndee naldinho = o quinto vigia

    ndee naldinho = aquela mina é firmeza

    plies = runnin my momma crazy

    plies = 100 years

    projota = chuva de novembro

    racionais mcs = a vida é um desafio

    racionais mcs = vida loka parte II

    racionais mcs = estilo cachorro

    racionais mcs = diario de um detento

    racionais mcs = cores e valores ( nova )

    rzo = o trem

    sabotage = um bom lugar

    sabotage = rap é compromisso

    snj = pensamentos

    the game = red nation ( bloodz )

    the game = one blood

    the game e lil wayne = my life

    the game e 50 cent = hate it or love it

    the game = dreams

    tupac = dear mama

    tupac = brenda got baby

    tupac = gueto gospel

    tupac = hit em up

    tupac = only god can judge me

    tupac = hail mary

    tupac = changes

    tupac = ghost

    tupac e dre = california love pt I

    tupac e dre = california love pt II

    tupac e snoop = 2 americaz most wanted

    tupac e snoop = wanted dead or live

    trilha sonora do gueto = vermes da terra

    trilha sonora do gueto = favela sinistra

    wiz khalifa = yellow and black

    wiz khalifa = on my level

    wiz khalifa = taylor gang

    wu tang clan = cream

    wu tang clan = protect you neck

    wu tang clan = triumph

    xzibit = front 2 back

    xzibit = X

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    The Game - Ride or Die

    Ice Cube - Why We Thugs

    Notorious B.I.G. - Want that old thing back

    2Pac - Hit 'em up

    And actually a lot more, also Dutch artists.

    They have a good beat, they're legendary artists and a very good flow. And if I want to listen music with lyrics that make sense, I just listen to a different genre because rappers barely have them (however I agree with this fella below me), which makes it unimportant.

  • 8 years ago

    1. Lupe Fiasco - The Instrumental [I swear this song defines a person better than anything else.]

    2. Fort Minor - Feel Like Home [Helped me through a death in my family]

    3. Fort Minor - Kenji [Speaks for itself]

    4. K'naan - If Rap Gets Jealous [This song was two years of my life when I started a rock band]

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    All of Eminem works especially



    Sing for the moment

    The real slim shady

    Just lose it


    Nas-Hip hop is dead

    Fort Minor-Remember the name



    3.Best i ever had

    KanyE west-All of his songs

    Kid Cudi-All songs

    Common-All songs

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Tupac - Changes

    Changes is really inspiring! It thought something that other rap songs don't even teach me.

    Powerfull lyrics , made me the person who i am today! Better than all those rap songs which talk about drugs and sex.

  • 8 years ago

    Bone Thugs ft. Eazy E - Foe The Love Of Money

    Bone Thugs ft.2pac - Thug Luv

    Bone Thugs ft. Biggie - Notorious Thugs

    Bone Thugs - Thuggish Ruggish Bone

    Bone Thugs - Crossroads

    ...Well, the whole e-99 eternal album, the whole art of war album, creepin on ah come up,ect..

  • 8 years ago

    Nas - halftime

    Wu-Tang Clan - Protekt Ya Neck

  • 8 years ago

    Most of Biggie Smalls work, he was one of the original rappers, back in the days when their music carried a message against the unfair discrimination of blacks. 2Pac is another good example, alot of his songs are very heart-felt, they have meaning unlike most of this modern ****.

  • Don
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    8 years ago


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