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What are some INVINCIBLE stocks?

I just capitalized invincible to get your attention. There is no such thing as an invincible stock, I know that's what you were going to teach me. Now that I got your attention, I'm looking for stocks that are almost invincible, stocks that seem to just keep rising in share value and stocks that weren't seriously affected at all by any major crashes or dips over the years. I mean stocks that when you look at their share price charts, it looks like they never had a major downturn/decline aside from natural pullbacks (and stocks that have been listed for more than 2 years). So please list any stocks you know of like these, preferably ones that are affordable for your average person (Share price of under $200 a share).


SEACOR Holdings (CKH)

Nestle (NSRGY.PK)

Berkshire Hathaway Inc. B (BRK-B)


Ok guys, thanks for taking time to answer my question, I appreciate it. But I don't know how to explain what I'm looking for because I'm not getting the answers I was looking for. I'm not just looking for dependable blue chip stocks. I'm looking for stocks that consistently rise in value year after year, not just durable stocks that maintain value or stick around (typical blue chips). Coke is a good stock, especially if you really want to play it safe over the long haul, and yes it has better fundamentals than Berkshire and will definitely outlast Berkshire in my opinion. But I'm looking for stocks that are not only durable, but a mixture of durable and increasing steadily but somewhat quickly. I don't want to 100% play it safe. I want 80% play it safe, 20% trying to profit and see a decent ROI. I'm diversifying as much as I can and I already have Coke and a few other blue chips, but I'm looking specifically for more stocks like those I listed, look

Update 2:

at their charts from their IPO to now and look at Coke's. Coke was on a decline from 1998-2005. When I said "never had a major downturn", I would consider a 7 year decline as a major downturn. That's not "almost invincible" to me because some people who invested in 98 are still waiting to see a ROI or decent profit.

Update 3:

Ok sorry, the first two answers know what I'm saying. I thought I had checked all the blue chips but some of the ones you mentioned do have performance like what I'm looking for. Thanks and if anybody else has other stocks like these please answer.

Update 4:

I hate choosing best answer when two people are right so to be fair I broke this down into a points system. I put a yes next to companies that fit the description of what I'm looking for, and no for those that don't. Whoever has the most yes's gets best answer. Thanks for playing guys.

McDonalds (MCD) - Yes

Exxonmobil (XOM) - Yes

Chevron (CVX) - Yes

3 Yes's


Coke - No

Pepsi - Yes (already have them)

Procter & Gamble - Yes

WalMart - No

Target - Yes

United Technologies - Yes (already have them)

4 Yes's (You don't get Yes's for companies other people mentioned before yours, but you still mentioned more)

Update 5:

p.s. many of the companies listed are very immoral companies, particularly Procter and Gamble, Walmart, and Mcdonalds. I understand all companies have a certain level of greed/evil, but some of these are just downright sinister. So whoever reads this in the future, think about that if you are considering some of these.

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    Coke, Pepsi, Procter & Gamble (they make all the soaps, laundry detergents, etc), General Mills (all your cereals basically), Exxon, Chevron, WalMart, Target, United Technologies (maker of elevators, escalators, aircraft, engines, own Pratt&Whitney, etc.)

    [Also, all of these pay out a dividend]

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    McDonalds (MCD) has been steadily rising for some time. And it is actually theorized by some analyst that McDonald's is so ingrained in American culture, that it will continue to rise (even if very slowing) indefinitely.

    Personally, I am a big Exxonmobil (XOM) and Chevron (CVX) fan. I have a fundamental attraction to companies that produce something, in this case oil. While lately they have a been rather up and down, they aren't nearly as volatile as other things.

  • John W
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    9 years ago

    I'd prefer Coke as an "invincible" to Berkshire simply because Berkshire has yet to transition from Buffett and Munger successfully. The core strengths of Coke is it's brand and product in an industry that appears to will always exist whereas the strengths of Berkshire is still the wisdom of two men.

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