How come Liza Minnelli never sings her mothers songs.?

Okay I love Liza Minnelli she has had a blessed life she knew everyone from Michael Jackson to Liz Taylor and Andy Warhol name star she new them she knew Lucille Ball,Gene Kelly ,she knew everybody lets just put it like that she knew everybody name a star of the 20th century and the new one the 21st Liza Minnelli in my opinion like Fred Aistaire ounce put it said if American can compare their stars to royalty then Liza would be the crown princess and I totally agree. Liza of course is the daughter of legendary star Judy Garland and director Vicente Minnelli, but Liza tributes her father often but rarely her mother Judy,her moms songs are famous ,The trolley song,you made me love you,the boy next door,the man that got away and of course over the rainbow from The Wizard Of Oz but Liza has yet to sing them yes she has sung some of them but I would like to see her dedicate an entire show to her mother and cover Over The Rainbow what do you think.


I know one day Liza will sing her mothers songs sooner or later but better late than never and like Judy said herself always be a first version of yourself instead of second rate version of somebody else.

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    She;s too drunk to remember the words. She's a freak and a lush.

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    8 years ago

    While she has actually sung a few of her mother's songs the reason why Liza probably does so sparingly is because she's a star in her own right. When she was a teenager she made a definitve break from her family legacy -- insisting that she be introduced as Liza Minnelli, not "Judy's daughter" and living exclusively off the money she earned, never taking another cent from her mom. On the other hand, Judy's other daughter, Lorna Luft has an entire CD dedicatefd to her mother's songs and its great. Liza has no need -- her string of hits range from New York, New York, to Liza With a Z, Cabaret and Maybe This Time to But the World Goes 'Round. I saw in the comments too a mention of her being "too drunk to remember the words". Not that she needs defending but while it's easy to discount her, she gave up drinking years ago. And, after all she's been through (ranging from personal/family tragedy to a near-fatal disease where they told her she would never speak again) she remains one of the most talented performers of the 20th century. Alcoholism is a disease, one that has leveled many entertainers, but is just another hurdle not strong enough to overcome the star power of Liza Minnelli.

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    She has done Over The Rainbow in a medley on her 'Liza's Back' CD. And 'You Made Me Love You'.

    Unfortunately her voice doesn't seem that great anymore, but people who see her say she's still a good performer who can move you.

    A tastefully done tribute is fine, and you can definitely hear Judy in her voice which is nice as Judy was taken far too soon. But if they do too many of their parent's songs, people accuse them of cashing in on their memory, or they begin to rate them according to comparisons. Liza has become a great singer in her own right, one of the few sons/daughters of a famous entertainer to make their own mark.

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    When Judy Garland passed she had it in her will that Liza was not to make ( ANY) profits from Judy's songs. Maybe that's why

    Source(s): Judy Garland will online
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    4 years ago

    I think she wants to be known for her own accomplishments rather than as Judy Garland's daughter. I heard her sing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" once, years ago. She did a great job, but she did it in her own style.

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