How can I stay out of the house this weekend without being questioned?

(If you read my previous question you'll understand this more.)

My mom is bipolar and has awful anger issues. She's constantly angry and takes it out on me since it's only me and her in our apartment.

She's a very controlling,snide,manipulative person and her constant torment has worn me down to the point that I don't even want to be in the same house as her anymore.

I literally feel like just walking out right now as she's gotten me so paranoid that I'm afraid she's going to burst into my door and start screaming at me at any second over anything and I'm on the verge of tears because of her and our argument was over 4 hours ago.

I need to get out of here and to get away from her. I can't deal with being locked inside within a few feet of her. I know I can't do anything right now since it's already 9pm but I DO NOT want to be forced into being in close quarters of her for the entire weekend. I know she's going to make my life hell if I am. If I stay in the house she's going to have me constantly doing chores and more than likely shes going to keep starting fights with me and make me cry as she seems to get some sort of satisfaction out of belittling me.

I don't have a lot of friends and the ones I do have don't live around me. I have one friend who actually does live about 5 minutes away from me but I just reunited with her today after not seeing her for quite some time and we weren't close enough before to keep a consistent conversation going but today she kind of acted like we were really great friends and even made the statement that we should go to McDonald's together next lunch period so I'm not sure how exactly she meant that. (I also wasn't positive when she said "we" that she meant me and her. I think she might have meant her and her boyfriend (but he's not in school so idk I'm kind of confused about that.) Plus I don't have her number or anything and her boyfriend is pretty clingy so I don't think he would like it if I asked her to walk around with me alone.

I'm 17 and very mature for my age so I could walk around on my own but I'm very short and skinny for my age (5ft 76 pounds) so I'm worried somebody might see me walking around alone and try to hurt me or something. My other problem is that when I go out alone I tend to get bored and scared and it makes me want to go back home but at this point I think home would be even worse.

I don't have a car so I can't drive anywhere but I'm pretty good at walking for long distances and I have $40 worth of Taco Bell gift cards so if I got hungry I could buy food for myself.

What are some things I could possibly do by myself alone outside of my house that would be fairly safe?

I also have the problem of my mom letting me leave.

I'm afraid she'd say no and force me to stay inside the house and do chores.

She questions me all the time and if she knew I was going somewhere far away alone I know she would say no. Once I told her I walked to the Library (four miles away) even though I didn't and she got so mad! I kind of do want to go there though and I knew I could if I wanted to because I walked there once with a friend. The only actually dangerous part would be all the strangers walking down the road and that there's several very busy 4 way roads so I'd have to be very careful about crossing at the right time.

What do you think I should do?

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    You know? I really agree with the second answerer. I also want to add a few things. Look sweetie, you know I think that I have been reading your posts for a while and I have answered a few of your questions. It is impossible to continue living in this fashion. Your friends may put you up for a day or two but that's not a long-term solution. You are being absued at least emotionally. I don't know if your mother ever actually abused you physically or not and you may not want to tell me the answer which I totally understand. Your mother does not sound to me like she's mentally fit to be a parent. I know she's been taking medication but nevertheless, you should not live like this. Make some carefully considered life decisions. Your father does not seem to be quite in the picture or is he? Can he help? Can an extended family member help? If not, for your own sanity, get out of that place and find yourself a job and a couple of respectable roommates with whom you can live. I know it's tough but I really care.

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    I am very sad for you. I feel like the way your mother is treating you and you living in that environment is going to effect you long term. Have you ever had a heart to heart with her and told her what she is doing is wrong and makes you feel horrible, or is that just not a possibility for you?

    It's hard to give you advice on this when not knowing your entire situation. I don't know if you have other family members to turn to that can offer support or understanding. If that is not possible, you could try looking up support groups for your area with other young people. There are different groups you could join to give you a positive outlook. You could try joining a club or group from your school to give you a different focus and allow you more time out of the house. Is there key club or sports? If money is an issue for joining a club, try talking to your school counselor. Sometimes they can set you up with people who are willing to sponsor young people in the activities they want to do.

    If you ever do not feel safe with your mom you do not have to be there. Reach out to those around you who can help. Talk to your school too. It'll be good for you to get some of these feelings off your chest and get positive feedback.

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    Ok well I actually didn't read the whole thing :/ but I hope I get the idea! Try sleeping over at a friend's house one night and another friend's the next night. During the day you can do stuff with them, go the the library and do homework, etc. Hope this helps!

    Source(s): experienced @ making excuses :)
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