What Is A Good Knife And Watch For A SPy In TF2?

i would like some information about a good loadout for a spy in tf2 please leave your opinons in comments below thanks!~

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    For Knives:

    "Your Eternal Reward":

    Upon a successful backstab, the Spy instantly disguises as the backstab victim.

    Victims do not make any noise when dying.

    Victims' bodies disappear after being stabbed.

    If backstabbed, victims' death will not be shown in the killfeed for other enemies.

    The Disguise Kit is disabled.

    "The Big Earner"

    Upon a kill, the Spy gains 30% of his cloak meter.

    -25 max health on wearer.

    "Conniver's Kunai"

    On backstab: absorbs the health from your victim. Can overheal up to 300% health.

    -65 max health on wearer.


    Silent Killer: No attack noise from backstabs.

    On Hit by Fire: Become fireproof for 2 seconds.

    Backstab turns victim to ice.

    Melts in fire, regenerates after 15 seconds.

    For Watches:

    "Cloak and Dagger"

    Cloaks Spy indefinitely while standing still.

    Has double cloak recharge rate.

    User can still stay partially cloaked once the cloak meter runs out.

    Has a 29% faster cloak consumption rate while moving.

    Cloak meter can't be refilled by ammo sources.

    "Dead Ringer"

    Cloaks Spy for 6.5 seconds upon receiving damage, dropping a fake corpse.

    Cloak meter can be refilled from ammo sources.

    Reduces initial damage and subsequent damage received to a fraction (1/10) and cloak does not flicker when bumping into an enemy, but only for the standard cloak duration. Prolonging the cloak will turn it into a standard invisibility.

    Has 60% faster cloak recharge rate.

    Has a loud, distinctive decloak sound.

    Uncloaking will lower the cloak meter to 40% if above that amount when uncloaking.

    A large and medium ammo box restores 35% cloak (instead of 100% and 50% respectively).

    Source(s): Team Fortress Wiki
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    Lawl its the watch you idiot, spies can go invisible..

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