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Anonymous asked in Politics & GovernmentImmigration · 9 years ago

Why foreigners are hated in the uk?

Because they are draining the uk

They take our jobs so we are forsed to live on benefits which is bearly enough to buy food, life is hell livin on benefits

Businesses in the uk employ them over us because they work for less than minimum wage so they make more profit.... profit is the whole point of running a business.

its a struggle to keep a roof over your head on minimum wage, below minimum is impossible thats why we cant work for less

They send our money back to there country because its big money over there, if they have all our jobs and sending the money out, businesses are goin bust because they arnt spending it here, and english people on benefits are unable to spend to support businesses.

If they wasnt here we could get a job and live our lifes and the country would work.

English are trapped, as we need a job even to get enough money to leave our country, which is pushing people to commit crime

The government is distroying the uk by letting them in, its just too small here

The easiest way to sort this mess is...

Make a new LAW, businesses have to pay foreigners 25% more than english,

This way ENGLISH people in ENGLAND will get the ENGLISH job, after all this is our country......

And they should not be given our benefits, if they cant support there self over here without affecting our lives then they shouldnt come here.

Is the goverment scared of them because they do everything to please them and just push the english aside.... they wonder why we have no respect for them.

Could someone pass this on to DAVID CAMMERON as i dont know how to.

People that have a job are not affected by this and will think this is rasist, but its not, THIS IS WHATS HAPPENING TO THE UK.

The gates have been opened to more foreigners so it will affect you very soon

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  • 9 years ago
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    I can't resist pointing out one or two logical problems contained in your question:

    1. If it is impossible to live on less that minimum wage then how are they able to do it and also to send some of that money to their home countries?

    2. Not everyone is employed based on how little they will work for, I have a small role in hiring people where I work and one of the factors we often take into account is trying to offer the best possible salary in order to attract people with the right experience or qualifications etc. Most businesses hire someone because they are best for the job.

    3. Businesses in the Uk are not going bust because people are sending their money to other countries, a business goes bust if it is not competitive enough to survive.

    4. I know of a number of immigrants who have come here and started successful businesses and have even created jobs which employ British people.

    I'm not bothered if you are racist or not, it would be too easy for me to just call you a racist. Lets face it, you are not able to get a job and you need someone to blame, unfortunately it is human nature to blame people who look/act/sound different.

    The obvious answer to the problem you have is not to cry to the government asking for help like some weak passive victim but to do something about your own situation. If I had a choice in the matter I would scrap the whole welfare state (this would reduce some immigration anyway) and reduce co-operation tax, making all UK businesses more competitive in the global market, encouraging more businesses to re-locate here and helping small UK businesses to expand and hire more people.

    I would welcome the exact type of immigrants you are criticizing, people who have come here to get a job and work hard at it. The only people who are not welcome here are those who come expecting to milk the system. Don't join them.

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