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please help american history quiz?

1. He was credited with the destruction of Atlanta during the Civil War. (Points : 1)

General Robert E. Lee

Andrew Johnson

General William Tecumseh Sherman

none of the above


The ________ officially ended slavery in the 1865. (Points : 1)

Thirteenth Amendment

Nineteenth Amendment

Great Compromise

Marshall Plan


Where did Confederate forces surrender? (Points : 1)


Washington, D.C.




Which of the following was issued by Henry Clay to serve as resolution to the slavery issue? (Points : 1)

Kansa-Nebraska Act

Emancipation Proclamation

Missouri Compromise

Compromise of 1850


________ tried to seek foreign allies during the Civil War. (Points : 1)

Andrew Johnson

Emigrant Aid Societies

General Ulysses S. Grant

The Confederacy


Who earned a reputation for his attack at Fort Sumter and also led Confederate forces in Virginia? (Points : 1)

General Irvin McDowell

General P.G. T. Beauregard

Ulysses S. Grant

none of the above


Who did not support the Compromise of 1850? (Points : 1)

President Lincoln

President Taylor

John C. Calhoun

Millard Fillmore


Which of the following was the first battle of the Civil War as well as a victory for Confederate forces? (Points : 1)

Battle of Shiloh

First Battle of Bull Run

Battle of the Alamo

Battle of Spotsylvania


What is the act of placing civilians under military authority known as? (Points : 1)


martial law

war of attrition

none of the above


________ declared South Carolina's secession from the Union illegal. (Points : 1)

Horace Greeley

John C. Crittenden

President Buchanan

Major Robert Anderson


Which of the following states was not part of the Confederacy? (Points : 1)






Who led a raid at Harper's Ferry? (Points : 1)

Robert E. Lee

John Brown

John Bell

John C. Breckinridge


Which of the following states imposed martial law as a means of keeping order within the state? (Points : 1)






Who issued a draft in 1863 to keep up the number of Union forces? (Points : 1)

General Ulysses S. Grant

Stephen Douglas

President Abraham Lincoln

Andrew Johnson


Which of the following was considered a strength for the Confederate forces? (Points : 1)

geographic features of the South

diversified economy

larger population

several military institutions within the South


Probably the biggest problem with hospitals during the Civil War was (Points : 1)

lack of a caring staff.

not enough space to fit the wounded.

lack of supplies.

poor sanitary conditions.


The Civil War was considered helpful in the North regarding (Points : 1)

reduction of immigration.

foreign relations.

child labor laws.

industry and manufactured goods.


Which of the following was considered a major strength for Union forces during the Civil War? (Points : 1)

geographical features of the land


shipping and trade routes

greater source of economic backing


Who received criticism from abolitionist groups during the course of the Civil War? (Points : 1)

John Brown

Harriet Tubman

President Buchanan

President Lincoln

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    1 General William Tecumseh Sherman

    2 The Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution officially outlaws slavery and involuntary servitude, except as punishment for a crime. It was passed by the Senate on April 8, 1864, by the House on January 31, 1865, and adopted on December 6, 1865.

    3 Appomattox

    A historic site in central Virginia, at the head of the Appomattox River, where Robert E. Lee's surrender of his Confederate forces in April 1865 ended the Civil War.

    4 Compromise of 1850

    5 The Confederacy

    6 General P.G. T. Beauregard

    7 John C. Calhoun

    8 First Battle of Bull Run

    9 Martial law

    10 President Buchanan

    11 Illinois

    12 John Brown

    13 Missouri?

    14 President Abraham Lincoln

    15 diversified economy

    16 poor sanitary conditions

    17 industry and manufactured goods.

    18 greater source of economic backing

    19 President Lincoln

    I have no ideas if all these answers are right or not. So double check them-

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    Thomas Paine. He's signicant because he wrote Common Sense. It was about why the Colonists to America should have separated themselves from Great Britain and stuff like that. I read some of it. It's really interesting.

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    Harper's Ferry? Is that anything like the Dover-Calais ferry?

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