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Car sways side to side?

It's a snowy morning in MN and today I lost control of my car. I braked quick and used my ebrake so i wouldn't hit the light post. That saved me and I didn't get in an accident. But i noticed that when I hit about 60+ mph my car begins to sway side to side. It wasn't doing that before. Could it be that I braked to fast and that threw my car out of alignment? I drive a 2002 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT. The tires are really good and I haven't had a problem with it until now. I got it a few months ago and it handles well. Any thoughts?

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    I live in Minnesota too. I never got anywhere near 60mph on my commute this morning even though I have 4 brand new dedicated winter-only tires on my car, which makes me wonder why you are asking this question. Clearly you were driving too fast for conditions. The loss off control at the rear axle was due to you exceeding the traction limit of the rear tires.

    Applying the brakes does not effect wheel alignment. Hitting hard, immovable objects does.

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    check your sway bar

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    check the sway bar, it could have came loose.

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