What do you think about my novel idea and 5 more questions?

hello. my plot is about a man experiencing auditory hallucinations and creates characters to silence the voices in his head. the entire novel is written in dialogue which is to play out the illusion of having an auditory hallucination for the readers. the main characters are Travis,Sandy,Andrea,Emma and Jacob. each take the initiative in creating utopia a silent world starting with Andrea. Travis is extra special as he is a mental patient suffering from an auditory hallucination where he communicates with the unknown MC who created him so essentially God who in a way is the reader and the MC uses Travis to orchestrate the characters actions. also keep in mind that the characters don't exist when they aren't talking to each other so the aim is to keep them apart. i am thoughtfully planning out the story and i have spent two years developing my writing style and fleshing out my characters but the biggest risk is it being written entirely in dialogue but to clarify it is not script style i repeat NOT script style. also it's called "Sustaining Silence." sorry if i confused you and don't steal my idea.

my idea for the opening: so i wanted to start with random voices saying things for one page and ending it with someone saying "die,die,die." it's only one page and it's only there to make the goal stand out. for the next chapter i introduce Emma at her mother's funeral and the second line is "die, die,die" but it sounds funnier because she's interrupting her aunts emotional heartfelt, eulogy because she's playing black ops on her phone.

1.what do you think of this idea?

2. what do you think of the opening? any better ideas?

3.would you read it?

4.do you like the title?

5. do you think this idea is too risky for agents or publishers to be interested in it?

other notes or comments

thanks you guys

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  • 9 years ago
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    1. It's very confusing and I'm not sure I completely understand it. However, from what you say, I have some doubts. First of all, a "novel" by definition is not entirely written in dialog; something the length of a novel that would be written in dialog would be a "script," and a long one at that. I don't care if you don't think so or you're not writing it in the format of a script. That only makes it a script that you're too lazy to format.

    In addition, it doesn't sound like you have a lot of notion of build-up. There are plenty of interesting ideas in here and plenty of characters, but where are you going with it? What will the climax be? What does it all mean?

    2. It could be the greatest way to start or it could be the worst. It depends on how interesting the voices actually are. In general, however, I would favor flopping the first & second chapters. I think it would add an element of humor and suspense if you start by showing us the eulogy and having it be interrupted. That way, we're not bombarded with this weird-*** page. Remember that when people browse for a book, they often make up their mind whether to buy it based on the first page or two. If your first page is so bizarre as to be incomprehensible, the book will not do so well.

    3. I doubt it, but I'm a dreadfully boring person. I like straightforward things.

    4. The title is fine, but not where you should be focusing your time and energy right now. In the event you finish this and submit it for publishing, a publisher will probably tell you to change the title anyway.

    5. No, but you have to be able to talk about it in a more straightforward manner. Right now, it's so all over the place that I don't know what you're talking about a lot of the time. This needs a focused build-up. Additionally, you cannot in good conscience write it as an unformated script and expect it to sell. You write a novel or you write a script. Splitting genres is one of the worst things you can do.

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  • 9 years ago

    I absolutely love it. :) I like the title, the plot, how you took the time to actually plan out the characters and the story line. Kudos!

    And I love how you said, sorry if I confused you and don't steal my idea.' xD

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  • 9 years ago

    I am super confused. Just that little explanation was too much for my brain.

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