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whats the difference between flip and lutz?

okay so apart from axel the only single jumps i need to get is flip and lutz, I've started flip and I've kind of got it i just need to keep practicing, so i was watching videos on you tube to get tips and stuff and flip and lutz look very similar, could someone please explain to me what the difference is???

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    They are similar - the flip and the lutz both take off backwards from the left leg (anticlockwise), with the right toepick in the ice. However, the one obvious difference is that the flip takes off from a left INSIDE edge, whereas a lutz takes off from an OUTSIDE edge.

    Another way one can distinguish the two is by observing the takeoff - a flip typically takes off from either a left inside 3-turn or a right mohawk, the skater then stretches the right leg behind, picks and jumps. A lutz, on the other hand, is usually done from a long, stretched out back left outside edge before the skater picks (it can also be done from steps such as mohawks and crossovers).

    Also, the lutz jump is counterrotated. This means that it rotates in the opposite direction to the circle - in a lutz, you are travelling on a clockwise circle, but you jump anticlockwise. This also results in a different tracing - the lutz looks more like an s-shape, whereas the flip has a less distinct tracing.

    The main difference, though, is:

    Flip = inside edge

    Lutz = outside edge

    Youtube thumbnail

    ^^This video might help you understand it a bit better.

    I just want to add, I hope you have a coach because you shouldn't be attempting either of these jumps unless you have been taught - otherwise, you're pretty much guaranteed to learn them the wrong way. Your coach will be able to show you the difference.

    Good luck! :)

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    The flip and the lutz are very similar, you are right. Many people can't differeciate them either.

    The main difference is that when you pick for the flip, the other blade is on an inside edge, but when you pick for the lutz, it has to be on an outside edge.

    Usually (not always!), a flip is done with a 3-turn or a mohawk and the lutz starts from a very long glide back on the outside edge.

    Sometimes, even the greatest skaters in the world like Tara Lipinski, Sasha Cohen and Mao Asada (they are the 3 I remember the most) do a flutz, which means they pick on the wrong edge (inside) when they do a lutz.

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    They both take off of the left foot, backwards and are toe-jumps. This is probably what makes them look so similar.

    The biggest difference is that flips take off from an inside edge whilst the lutz takes off from an outside edge.

    You also tend to enter a flip from anti-clockwise cross-overs like other jumps, whereas the lutz generally takes off from clockwise cross-overs and is the only jump to normally do this.

  • Here is a good example of a proper flip:

    Youtube thumbnail

    (Skip to 1:20 to see the actual jump)

    Here is a good example of a proper lutz:

    Youtube thumbnail

    &feature=relmfu (Skip to 1:40 to see the actual jump)

    They are both back-entry jumps, and it is necessary in both jumps to pick your toe in straight, and not swing your arms around too much.

    But a flip begins with a three-turn, and you jump quickly into it, without holding the second part of your turn.

    A lutz begins after a large crescent of crosscuts, and you extend your leg back and hold that for a few moments before jumping.


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