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Madonna/ Whore complex?

I was chatting up at the gym with people. They were talking about this guy at our gym, Bob, who has a lot of affairs with ladies there recently divorced, remarried quickly, but is still bugging his ex wife. My hubby is best friends with Bob. He told me that Bob has something called Madonna/Whore complex. Basically, Bob was married to this lady who he could only have sex with if they were going to have a baby otherwise he felt ashamed. He felt guilty if he was attracted to her otherwise. They went to counseling to no avail. The wife understand Bob's complex, didn't make herself attractive, and let Bob do his affairs. Bob compensated his wife with his love, loyalty, and vacations. After about a decade, the wife realizes she needed more and asked for a divorce. After filing for divorce, the wife had a brief fling, and Bob flipped out!

My question is how common is this complex. We see it society to some extent, but for a man not to be able to engage in sex with his wife for fun is strange.

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    madonna / whore complex is not women acting as a whore in the bedroom and lady in public. it is men classifying women as either a sexless madonna or a complete whore. it isn't uncommon, in a diluted form, but i have never heard of it to such an extent (except by psycho-killers on tv). it usually pops up before marriage and ruins the relationship before it gets that far.

    tangently, recently divorced women are an excellent target for fun only relationships. one knows that they have been recently dealing with a sub par partner and they are easily impressed with less effort than one might think would be required.

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    Well this is two different questions.

    1. Your friend Bob is messed up in the head, that should answer the first question

    2. The Madonna/Whore (lady in the streets, and a freak in the bed) complex is fairly common, its not hard to see why. I mean, every guy wants a good girl, but who is also a sexual freak with him in their alone time. Isn't that reasonable? Women seem to think men should want all or nothing. If a woman is a freak with him, she has to be a freak with every guy in her city?? Not what men want.

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    i think of it relies upon on the guy relatively. i'm coming to the tip however further and extra that i choose a guy who loves me as a individual quite then the commodity of my virginity. because of the fact thats what it variety of feels it extremely is, a commodity. relatively no longer something is powerful or incorrect,basically thinking makes it so. I continuously concept females who might willingly bypass down on a guy have been slightly inexpensive and slutty, I did myself a pair of weeks in the past and it grew to become into completely harmless and beneficial..and you don't be responsive to that till you adventure that. My sister is 32 and approximately to have a baby and you be responsive to what, she is indignant via kinder bueno classified ads the place 2 women knick a adult males clothing. it extremely is meant to be humorous, yet she is so uptight and prudish she thinks it extremely is inapropriate for 5 interior the day. She is a fundamentalist and there is little doubt intercourse for her is procreative on my own. i might HATE to finally end up like that and that i could be embarrassed frankly if i did finally end up like that because of the fact it variety of feels you have customary each and every thing you have been instructed outdoors your self without experiencing it or determining your guy or woman truths. it variety of feels you have carried a childs innovations-set far into your adulthood. as a effect, i'm no longer able to brazenly communicate issues with my sister and that i think like an grownup and he or she sounds like an extremely naive fourteen 3 hundred and sixty 5 days previous. i think of intercourse is a organic approach of our bodies and as such it extremely is an harmless expression (however human beings attempt to solid it in a greater adverse easy)..i might quite be open and loose then uptight. i wouldn't in any respect date a guy that had madonna/whore complicated as i think A. he's possibly much less clever and quite crude to make such generalisations. B. He dismisses the complexity it extremely is each and every guy or woman female

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    "Whore complex" sounds something as stupid as the "God complex".

    The very first complex is just idiotic. Why is your friend going out with women who are just...stupid.

    As for the latter, I have already regarded those people as fools as they aren't satisfied with the term superiority complex.

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