can i get some info about YG Entertainment please?

i've been thinking about auditioning for a company, not to sure just yet....

1. ok i know some korean phrases but i know that if you do make it they will teach you korean. i am half filipino and half spanish i can speak spanish/english . but i look abit more spanish than asian. singing..i'm so so... good at dancing and raping but ok at coming up with my own raps. does this hurt my chances?

2. what do i need to have other than talent to audition?

3. do they look at my grades?

4. i am 14 but i feel as if i have a bigger disadvantage than 12 yr olds because they are younger, is this true?

5. oh yea i can read korean too! but i have no idea what i am saying, pronunciation is good though.

6.if i am not suitable for YG is there any other companies?

7 please tell me everything i need to know about auditioning rules ETC. (i was planning a video audition on youtube)

8.are my chances really bad? i think so cause the lack asianess.

please don't tease me! D: -for some reason i have a feeling i am going to forget to ask something so please tell evreything you know :)

any answers much appreciated thank you ^.^

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    1. Right now there aren't any non-Koreans in YG, but I read that there are staff that speak English. Looking more Spanish than Asian might lower your chances, but you never know. It's good that you can dance and rap. YG is into that type of music (I mean, like, look at 2NE1). I'm positive they'll train you in singing.

    2. I'm sure you know that YG isn't big on looks, but it still matters. I think it was a member in Big Bang, who almost didn't get in because he wasn't 'good-looking' enough.

    3. I'm not sure about this.

    4. YG has no age limit, so you don't have a disadvantage. If it were for JYP, and especially SM, then it would be better if you were younger. But not for YG. Bom from 2NE1 is like, 28. Two years from being 30.

    5. That's a plus. One less thing to teach you as a trainee.

    6. There's SM, which is like, 80% looks, 20% talent, (but there are exceptions, like Shindong of SuJu who is over average weight), but they have good-looking, talented artists in their company too. And JYP, who is more into dance songs, like Wonder Girls, miss A, 2PM. SM, JYP, and YG are the three biggest labels in Korea. Other than that, there's also LOEN, which has IU and Sunnyhill, CUBE ENT. Which has G.NA and 4minute and others, Core Contents Media with T-ara, Pledis Ent. with After School and Son Dambi, and other ones that aren't so big.

    7. If you're auditioning online, make sure you include info, like nationality, age, weight, height, first language, email, etc.

    8. True, they do prefer people who look more Asian since it's the Korean music industry, but there's a girl group with members that are Korean-German, or Korean-Puerto Rican. You still have a chance since you're part Asian. Btw, I'm Filipino (but full, not half)

    Remember though to make sure that this is really what you want, because if you make it in, and you train, then you end up wanting to quit, all your hard-work would've been waste. Trainees in any company, especially the three big ones, SM, JYP, and YG, have to work really hard, so that they can be put in a group and be chosen to debut.

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    9 years ago

    I love YG, it is my favourite company but you know, they did a cast last year..Big Bang made the publicity. It was especially for foreigners.

    I bet it is so damn hard to get in YG, SM (Super Junior, SHINee) or JYP (2PM) but you are still young and more opportunities are gonna come to your life with time.

    Meanwhile, learn korean, take singing and dance lessons.

    Good luck with it ;)

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