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New book: Great Moments in the History of Masterbation?

I am wondering whether anyone has written about the really important moments in the history of masterbation and if not then would this be a best seller?

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    I have accumulated a small library, for personal research:

    Betty Dodson - LIBERATING MASTURBATION A Meditation on Self-Love

    Betty Dodson, 1976

    Margo Woods - Masturbation Tantra and Self Love

    Mho & Mho Works, 1981

    Martha Cornog - The Big Book of Masturbation: From Angst to Zeal

    Down There Press,U.S., 2003

    David Samson - Masturbation for Morons

    SPI Books,U.S., 1993

    Winston T Smith - It's All about Me: The Problem with Masturbation

    New Growth Press 2009

    Barnabus Fuller - The Devil Dog Road by Mr. Mo: Masturbation and Pornography- Overcoming Sexual Addiction

    AuthorHouse, 2006

    Dian Hanson - Will Santillo: La Petite Mort: Female masturbation, fantasies & orgasm

    Taschen, 2011

    Diane Mason - The Secret Vice: Masturbation in Victorian Fiction and Medical Culture

    Manchester Univ Pr, 2008

    Wilhelm Stekel - Title is Auto-Erotism: a Psychiatric Study of Masturbation and Neurosis

    Peter Nevill, 1951

    Arlene And Bernard Clendenin - Being Female: The Art of Female Masturbation

    Xlibris Corporation, 2010

    Mark Twain - Mark Twain on Masturbation: "Some Thoughts on the Science of Onanism"

    Createspace, 2012

    Mr Edward L Dutton - Sex Chronicles: Slang Terms for Male Masturbation Vol 1

    Createspace 2011

    Edmond J Coleman - Masturbation as a Means of Achieving Sexual Health

    Routledge, 2003

    J.l. Kulliger - Masturbation : The Art of Self Enjoyment

    Media Press, 1992

    Hans Richter - Joys Of Masturbation

    Merchandise For Mailers, 1982

    Leo Markun - Facts You Should Know About Masturbation

    Haldeman-Julius Publications, 1931

    Edward Austin Robertson - Supplication and Masturbation

    Inverspace Press,

    Manfred F. Demartino - Human Autoerotic practices - Studies on Masturbation

    Human Sciences Press, 1979

    S. A. D. Tissot - Onanism: Or, a Treatise Upon the Disorders Produced by Masturbation

    (via Amazon, 2010)

    Beaumont & Nancy Newhall - Solo Flights: Pleasures Masturbation

    Crescent, April 1988

    Dr. R. Swaroop - Facts and Fallacies About Self-Relief (masturbation or self-gratification)

    Madhuri, 1965

    Icon Health Publications - Masturbation - A Medical Dictionary

    Icon Group International, Inc.

    Roger Blake - Mutual Masturbation

    Century Books, 1969

    Suzanne & I Sarnoff - Masturbation and Adult Sexuality

    National book network, inc.

    Herbert Dawson - Masturbation

    Griffon Guide, 1971

    DeHartington, Michael and Weiss, Burton - Onanism: the Masturbation Panic, 1756-1973

    Berkeley, CA., 2006

    Andrea Howe - Oriental Masturbation

    Publishers Consultants, 1976

    Tristan Jones - One Hand for Yourself, One Hand for the Ship: The Essentials of Single-Handed Masturbation

    MacMillan Publishing, 1982

    Cecil Roan - Black Teen Masturbation

    Chatsworth, CA: Publishers Consultants, 1976

    Saleh Ar-Tameemy - Masturbation: A Disastrous Problem Faced

    Southgate Publishers

    Mark Rogers - Masturbation

    Classics Library, Cleveland, 1969

    Mels van Driel - With the Hand: A History of Masturbation

    Reaktion Books, 2012

    Richard Thomas - Masturbation: What Should You Know to Know How to Help

    Booksurge Llc.

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    you're kidding me

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