how to install a ssd drive?

i have this mobo :

It has sata2 inputs. I want to buy a ocz sata3 ssd

(i know that if i put it in sata2 it will be limited to 300mb per second but still is good isnt?)


if i take a pci controller with sata3 inputs it can work with my mobo ?

it will be with full speed (600mb)?

In wich slot? one of the 2small ones?

can you recomment a controller?

THANK you anyway..

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  • 9 years ago
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    You can install the ssd using an adapter card, yes and yes it will get full speed, but you probably wont be able to boot from it. Most boards will only boot from a drive on the board itself not the adapter.

    And yes its one of the small white slots with pci-e written on it you need.

  • 9 years ago

    3gb a sec is still good

    depends if its PCi Express X1 if it is it the small slot make sure its version 2.0

    possibly if you 6gb a sec if its version 2 but not 100% on that

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