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Translation from English to Latin of "Sail safely to your wildest dreams"?

Hi all

I would like to make the following translation from English to Latin.

Sail safely to your wildest dreams

Some research that could help:

Sailing: Navigare, o

Safe: Salve

To: Ad +acc

Your: Tuus, -a, -um

Dream: Somnium, -i

Wildest: audacissimus, -a, -um

My first attempt is:

“Naviga salve ad somnium audacissimum tuum”

Could someone confirm or correct?

Thanks a lot


2 Answers

  • 8 years ago
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    Naviga tute ad tuas spes audentissimas..

    Salve - not used in the adverb sense except in a few espressions

    Latin for dream does translate to somnium, but the use is narrower than in English. For the thought of that type dream, Latin would have spes - hope.

    Audens for wild. That = characterized by boldness, license of expression. Seems to fit better.

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  • 8 years ago

    vela tuta wildest somnia vestra , this is the answer :D

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