Creative fund raising ideas?

My friend and I are making an amateur movie and we need money. We've already done a yard sale and its not the season for a lemonade stand, so... Any ideas?

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    9 years ago
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    Depending on where you live you can contact a hotdog vendor and ask to rent his cart on a percentage basis (75 % - 25% split after expenses) This way you earn 75% of the sales and the vendor receives 25% from his concession stand that's not in use.

    Most vendors like this idea, Our last big event grossed us $2700 for 14 hours. Based on the cost of stock (25%) you would have earned $1585.(75%) for your efforts,


    Also if you are interested in earning $$$ for your own needs I would suggest starting an inexpensive internet business. Use the tax advantages of operating a small, legitimate online business and apply this new found cash to cover the cost of your new venture and have extra left over for other things you may need..

    You have already created an account for start-up capital for your new business - it's called your personal income tax remittance that you leave in Revenue Canada's hands each week.

    Educate yourself and learn the many tax-tips that are available to average wage earners that like the idea of recouping cash from your tax department. If you would like any info on this matter I have some great information on tax laws within Canada/US.

    Hope this helps out.

  • 9 years ago

    Go to houses with trees and alot of leaves..and offer to rake em a container of RAIN -X & charge to do the windshield..charge more to do the rear window..&/or charge a fee to do all windows chocolate stand??

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